They’re Back | Furby Connect Review

I don’t know about you, but sometimes handing my kids a clinical looking box, stuffed with a titanium encased gadget seems a little cold come Christmas day, and runs the risk of turning our squidgy urchins into the consumer crazed teens of tomorrow way before their time; cue Furby Connect. Chances are, you’re still having nightmares from the neon-coloured, e-numbered Furby ads of the late 90s, coupled with flashbacks of frenzied parents smashing each other out the way to nab the “toy of the year” (oh how times were blissful before internet shopping!), like Augustus Gloop at an all-you-can-eat-chocolate-buffet.

Luckily, my kids are young enough not to have the perhaps scarring effects of the pre-millennial Furby etched on their psyche – and are more receptive to the idea of a Pride-parade meets Gremlin like creature entering their lives. In the years since its original launch in 1998, the Furby has undergone quite a spectacular makeover with LED lights, bluetooth connection and its very own app; and that’s just its technical spec.

If you’re considering Furby adoption this Christmas, in addition to the usual mini-games and non-stop chattering, here’s what your little darling can expect from their all singing, all dancing and now, all pooping, fury friend:

  • Furby can lay eggs (via the app) – procreation’s all the rage!
  • As I mentioned, it can poop a variety of things into its digital toilet on your paired device. Think of it as parental-poo-karma.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have two of the non-stop chatterboxes, you can link them up for a full on natter – think Mel and Sue on speed, speaking Hawaiian – backwards!
  • Automatic updates via the app means your Furby will know what’s trending, allowing your little one to remain abreast of the top rating videos and music; but all kiddie friendly thanks to Hasbro’s safeguarding tech.

Possibly the most important addition to the colourful crew of cuddlies is the sleep-mask. Until now, gagging the bundle of fun has been somewhat of a challenge, but clip on the new sleep-mask and Furby hits the sack.

I’ll admit, I’m slightly (actually hugely) smitten with the little oddity, maybe it’s the fact I missed out 18 years ago due to the aforementioned parental riots or maybe whilst being a pretty hi-tech gadget, Furby has a wonderful childlike quality, which seems lacking from the wish lists of today’s 8 year olds.

To avoid disappointment (trust me, no one wants a re-run of 1998) head over to John Lewis, who are running a price promise on their Furbies – so no eBay disappointment on Christmas day!

This post has been in collaboration with John Lewis and their newly launched Furby Connect collection – as ever, all words, opinions and memories are most definitely my own.



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