Everything’s Pukka

There’s nothing quite like filling your pie-hole on a breezy autumn afternoon – which was exactly why I jumped at the chance when the gang from Pukka Pies invited me along for pastry-stuffed goodness and a chat with the glorious Anna W. of Mother Pukka – see what they’ve done there?!

Pukka Pies recently did some research about the most awkward parenting moments – reminding us no matter how many cringe worthy episodes our kids have caused for the day, with a pie on your plate, everything’s Pukka. What’s more, they ‘ve recently undergone somewhat of an X-Factor style makeover, coming out of the glittery lights with a touch more sophistication – perfect for whacking in front of the family on a chilly Sunday afternoon!

Pukka Pies

Traditionally a football stadium classic – I can spot an orange Pukka a-board from 20 paces – Pukka have recently launched their ‘Posher’ range with mouth-watering flavours from Chicken, Leek and Pancetta (with an all butter thyme shortcrust pastry case) to Steak and Porter Ale (with an all butter mature cheddar pastry crust). They’ve also launched their first vegetarian pie, the Veggie Tikka Masala with Chickpeas and Spinach.

Ready-to-bake Pukka Pies pit themselves as being ‘good mood food’ – anything that goes from fridge (or even the freezer!) to plate, with minimal input from me, in under 30 minutes is a winner in my time challenged, parentally stretched book! Plus, while my boys aren’t too bad with veg, I’m not exactly the greatest, yet stick a pie on a plate with some broccoli and carrots and I’m like a seagull to a stuffed bin bag!

Posher Pukka Pies

Mother Pukka spoke, with her Steak and Porter Ale pie in hand, of embarrassing parental moments – the sorts of which we’ve all blushed our way through, “Why has that man got no hair? Look how jiggly that lady’s bottom is mummy!” or, my personal fave from the swimming pool changing rooms “Wow! Look at your huge fanny beard mummy”. But with Pukka’s latest research showing that these cringe-worthy, childrearing nuggets occur every 3 days (that’s 132 please-ground-swallow-me-up moments a year) we’re not alone; apparently, 9 in 10 parents laugh off these awkward moments as their darling little blabber mouths having “personality” (whatever you do, don’t invite that one in ten person to your next dinner party!). But the reason Pukka Pies brought all the Pukkas for a parental prattle over a pie was not to drool over their posher than Posh Spice pies (although they did show off their puffy pie wares too!) – it was to point out that regardless of the day’s familial disasters, as long as you’re all sat down, chatting, with a pie on your plate – everything really is PUKKA!

The new tasty range is available from supermarkets nationwide for around £2.50, and for more information you can head HERE!

The post was sponsored by Pukka Pies, however, as ever – all comments, opinions and liberal use of the word pukka were my own!


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