Mourning the Loss of Goldie (the iPhone)

Today I’m mourning. My companion has gone from my side; you were there at our first xmas together as a new-mixed-up family; you’ve watched the boys grow and learn, try and sometimes fail; you’ve travelled with me to cities new; accepted awards with me; been there through the party and the hangover; you started my blog with me and helped me fill those empty spaces with beautiful pictures; without you my Instagram wouldn’t be full of memories but would be a blank wall; you counted down the weeks until Casper arrived and when he popped you were the first to tell the world. But today, Casper crawled for the first time and you weren’t there to see…

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Relaunch + Giveaway

So, the kids are back at school (or very nearly for some), it’s time to regain a little more sense of a mummy routine again – sigh! Yes, no more endless mornings of dressing gowns and cups of tea whilst we decide what to do for today’s entertainment – no, no – it’s out the door promptly at 8.35am – dressed (well kinda!) and ready to go for the day (again, kinda!!). It was a little while before the summer hols commenced that I finally thought it was time to make The Only Girl a little easier on the eye (that’s the site, not me!), so took myself on a “blogcation” to the breakfast bar and got cracking with this fab team to turn my blog into my tech haven, aaannndddd ta-da!

But what would an official re-launch be without some sort of goodie-bag or swag?! We all know we only really go to launches to get our mitts on the freebies – so this is no different. As a thank you for sticking with me throughout the baron, behind the scenes weeks with no new posts; as a well done for making it through the summer holidays; as a pick-me up to the not being able to laze on the sofa with the kids watching crap until 10am and as the goodie-bag to this re-launch (bonus, you didn’t even need to leave your house or put on fresh mascara) – I’ve got together with some of my favourite shops to bring you some loveliness!

So, let’s cut to the chase, as that’s why you’re really here – this is what you could win by heading over HERE!

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As many of you know being a blogger, unfortunately, doesn’t just entail stringing together a couple of paragraphs, inserting some great images and pushing “publish”. *Sigh*. No no, in this ever increasing tech-world, blogging has come to entail a vast myriad of talents, skills and knowledge…

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