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I can’t help it, I’m human – I lust, I swoon, I covet and I must-have! I love shopping for family interiors, mum style, for the family home and the boys

My Melrose Mac | Mumdrobe Must-Have #1 with FatFace

It’s not often I whoop and holler in excitement at a brightly coloured object – partly because, as a toddler mum, they usually come with flashing lights and an incredibly irritating tune. But the moment I set eyes on my Melrose Mac at Fatface HQ it was love at first sight. As a mum of footballing boys, until this season, I’ve been remarkably ill equipped on the waterproofs front, so it’s no understatement to say my new canary hued friend has been a game changer.

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Dream Come True | HUSH for John Lewis

My love of lounge-wear only really took hold shortly after having my first bubs in 2006. In a constant state of “is it day or night?”, not knowing if I was sleep walking or actually awake in the stupor that can only come in those early weeks of motherhood – I yearned for, and very much needed, to envelope myself in luxury – super comfy luxury. As if all my 3am prayers had been answered (not the ones about having a sleeping baby) I stumbled upon Hush – at the time selling swoon-worthy PJs, sheepskin slippers and a couple of super soft jersey basics. I was smitten, even buying my new little, non-sleeping bundle matching pinstripe PJs long before twinning was considered winning or even a concept at all!

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Monday Must-Haves: Smellies for A Christmas Stocking

I’ll keep it short and sweet today, as not only is it a Monday morning and caffeine is calling – but we’ve all got Christmas shopping, ahem, I mean work to do, so I’ll get to the point…

There was a time, circa 1995, that getting “smellies” for birthday and Christmas presents was about as crap as it could get – it usually meant a satsuma scented, animal shaped BodyShop soap stuffed basket, topped up with a lot of straw to make it look even more full of shit than it really was. Oh how times have changed (as long as there’s no Sanctuary gift box in sight) if someone were to present me with any of the following “smellies” at anytime of year I’d be bloody chuffed; if they could also throw in a voucher offering 2-3 hours of child free time to indulge in the loveliness, then even better – but that’d just be asking a bit much methinks!

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Ba-humbug to Baby’s First Christmas: Gift List

At the risk of coming across like the Grinch pissing on Santa’s parade, I’m going to admit I’m not a huge fan of going overboard for a little one’s first Christmas (each to their own though!). This has good and bad points for Casper: on the plus side – he will not be sporting a green and red, elf onsie, neither will he be found supping on Grandma’s xmas roast given the mini-blender treatment; on the downside, my poor little Tiny Tim will not be inundated with so presents he doesn’t know which one to bang/throw/dribble on first. Maybe I’m just incredibly cynical after a couple of 1st xmases, but new parents, I hate to put your cinnamon and clove scented candle out but your bubs will undoubtedly give a glassy eyed clueless look for a large portion of the day and, although a cliche – they WILL genuinely enjoy the box and packaging so much more!

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Secret to Looking Top of Your Mum Game – Minimal Effort Required

I get asked, on quite a regular basis “how do you do it?” – the answer is quite frankly, I don’t have a bloody clue. But when I sit back and think about it, I’ve got a great support network (my kick-ass amazing mum & super mum-in-law), a wonderfully flexible job, a ridiculously hands-on baby-daddy and at the end of everyday there’s always a million things that need doing – but life’s far too short to be worrying about the dusting and the ironing (I know, I spend a lot of time talking about my ironing, rather than actually doing it!). But I haven’t just started writing this post to show off about the fab people around me et al – no no, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret I didn’t even know about. I didn’t realise I was subconsciously giving people the impression that I had all my shit together just from one very tiny thing…

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