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I can’t help it, I’m human – I lust, I swoon, I covet and I must-have! I love shopping for family interiors, mum style, for the family home and the boys

Everything’s Pukka

There’s nothing quite like filling your pie-hole on a breezy autumn afternoon – which was exactly why I jumped at the chance when the gang from Pukka Pies invited me along for pastry-stuffed goodness and a chat with the glorious Anna W. of Mother Pukka – see what they’ve done there?! While Pukka Pies might fill you with chip shop dread – they’ve undergone somewhat of an X-Factor style makeover, coming out of the glittery lights a little more puffed, a touch more sophisticated and a whole lot more something I’d consider whacking in front of the family on a chilly Sunday afternoon!

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Even Monsters Sleep with The Great Little Trading Company

They’d long been the unmentioned, embarrassing and hidden away members of our family; neglected, covered up and forgotten about. But after our extension was complete and we’d all moved back in to our immaculate white walled rooms, I couldn’t take the shame under the fitted sheets any longer. Hugo and Bruno had had their knackered, Swedish super-store, grey (with various other colour markings!) mattresses for far longer than they should have, and at 9 and 10 had earned the trust to not piddle in their beds any longer – so began the hunt for quality mattresses to ensure those two monsters got the best nights sleep possible.

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Shiz We Loved | September | #1

Ok, so it’s no secret that as a blogger and instagrammer I’m lucky enough to get sent a lot of shit (if you’re not down with the lingo by now, when I say shit it can mean good or bad, it just means stuff!); but as a human being, yes, I’m one of them too – I also buy a lot of stuff! So, in my ultimate wisdom and in a bid to give myself one more thing to do, I thought every month I’d sort the wheat from the chaff and give you a run-down of the top things we’ve loved, been gifted, bought, found or otherwise. Thus giving credit where it’s due to great companies and people that have got their shit together, to make some really good shit!

So, this is the place to come if you saw me open a moisturiser on insta-stories and then wondered – hmmmm, did she like it once she slapped it on her boat-race or did those cute pj’s Casper got in the post wash well?

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Back to School One-Stop-Shop with John Lewis

Now we’re nearly at the sumit an unsponsored, bare-footed Kilimanjaro climb, aka the summer holidays, I can feel the golden, hazy glow of back to school on the horizon. Banded around too early and “Back to School” can have the same Grinch-like affect as hearing “Last Christmas” in October – but at this stage, it not only offers parental relief, it can send me into cold sweats; with this mirage of hope, surely comes the dreaded trip to the concrete jungle of a shopping mall – the only place (until now) known to man to contain all required paraphernalia for that wonderful day on the calendar (yes, it might just be marked in red sharpie for added enthusiasm) “BACK TO SCHOOL”!

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How to Make Memories with Tesco Clubcard #Ad

After 6 weeks of summer holidays, the remnants of my sanity can be found somewhere at the end of July, my bank balance is about as healthy as a doctors waiting room and I used all my trump activity cards throughout August. But as much as I may have bemoaned the kids for 45.5 days (who’s counting?!) I secretly loved the lazy mornings, action packed days and memories that were made – so I’ve started to look to our football-free weekends this term as mini-adventures to be had to banish the post-summer holidays blues.

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