Monochrome Kids Room: Get The Look

Our (my) love for Scandi inspired interiors lives on – none more so than in my kids room decor ideas (see THIS monochrome inspiration post). Not only are my favourite hues of black, white and grey gender neutral, they’re easy on the eye (even after minimal sleep or a few G&Ts) and ageless, easily going from tot to teen with just a few tweaks. Even Fisherprice, primary-coloured plastic doesn’t seem half as garish against a monochrome backdrop.

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10 Reasons To Love the Night Feed

Sometimes, just for kicks, Mr Only Girl and I reminisce to a time when we would say “goodnight” to one another, safe in the knowledge that it would be just that, a good night. We’d lean in for a quick peck before going our separate ways into the land of nod, with no intention of seeing each other again ’til morn. Oh what a time that was – pre-baby time to be exact. These days, following the preparation that comes with heading to bed: spare dummy, bottles prepped, dogs out for a wee and grabbing something cosy to slip on at 3am – we simply give each other a tight squeeze before bidding “good luck” to the other! That’s exactly what our nights are riding on – luck!

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Half Term Dreaming, Mark Warner Holidays

It’s the first school holidays of 2016 and I already feel like I’ve failed one of our new year promises – get the kids off those bloody gadgets if it kills us. Given the chance the boys would go days without raising their pasty, vitamin D deficient faces from their iPads, iPhones, Play Stations or, wait for it – yes they even found all the games on the Amazon TV stick! Drag them onto the driveway, parka clad and it feels like a scene from The Wizard of Oz… “I’m meeellltttting”, as the slightly warm February sun penetrates their barely exposed skin. I’m sometimes left wondering if these are the same kids, that only a few years ago wanted be out of the house 24/7 – puddle jumping, ball kicking, tree climbing, mudslinging and bike riding until the proverbial bovines came home.

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Monochrome Kids Bedroom

As a mum, sometimes it would be nice to have an easy life, to not have to engage our sleep deprived brains too much when making important decisions – which is exactly why I love monochrome. It makes interiors shopping, styling and living just that much easier with the simple rule – black, white with an odd splash of grey.

In the same vein, it would be lovely to have the boys of this house agree on something, or just agree with me on ANYTHING. We seem to spend our days debating the finer details of… dinner, activities, tv channel or even toothpaste flavour. But I’ve cracked it, they all seem to like the idea of monochrome bedrooms. I’m not sure if this is down to a lot of subliminal messaging coming from my direction or whether they’ve secretly been stalking Pinterest in their spare time, but either way – I’m not about to argue.

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Mum Vs Roller-Disco

Every Friday, without fail, the 7 yr old skips out of school, with an eager face asking – “can we go to the roller-disco tonight, pleeeeeeeaaaassseee?”. It’s a blessing and a curse that our local leisure centre fling open their doors every Friday night for a weekly rave on wheels – super that kids have a great place to expend that end-of-week excess energy but a bloody nightmare for any adult tasked with accompanying them; leaving me with the resounding feeling I must have done something wrong in a former life!

Why?I hear you say, would an event where the kids get to roll around like the cast of starlight express on a methamphetamine induced high, burning energy, getting excerise all whilst socialising with their peers, be a bad thing?! Ha, the people asking that question have clearly never experienced a village leisure centre roller-disco as an adult – so let me take you on a sensory journey, my roller-disco hell which I experience every Friday night…

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