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All about The Only Girl

Welcome to The Only Girl in the House blog, a parenting, lifestyle blog with the simple of aim of keeping parenting real, so no one feels alone.

I’m Jess – the one with 5 boys! Mum of three boys, step-mum to two more and Mr Only Girl (OK, that’s a total of 6 boys) so that makes me – the only girl in my house. I’ve always had a knack of being brutally honest, and quite often using vocabulary that either makes people pee themselves laughing or want to cringe their way into a dark hole.

Jess Warner with her family of boys

My mission is simple: remind mothers that they’re not on their own. We’re the hardest working girl gang on the planet, with little humans in tow – but we got this!

On The Only Girl in the House blog you can expect to find a little more insight into our daily lives, my tales of having a ‘naughty boy’/neuro-diversity, Only Girl Guides to everything I love (from TV to swimsuits) and, occasionally my interiors background creeps in too.

Family day at the beach with The Only Girl in the House Blog Jess Warner

My other work includes digital marketing consultancy for small and medium sized businesses and creating a series of e-courses to help all and sundry make a living from the internet.

Mum of Boys Jess Warner author of the Only Girl in the House Blog

The Only Girl in the House may contain affiliate links and sponsored content – but this will always be clearly labelled. All products featured are my personal choice, things I love. Subsequently, all opinions are my own. I only recommend what I love and what I feel you might like to know about, too!

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.