Counting My Blessings: Half Term

Wow, what a week?! We’ve come crashing into Monday after a somewhat hectic half term (not quite over yet – we’ve got an inset day today!) and surprisingly I’m pretty upbeat about all that has happened in the past 7 days. Considering I’m running on next to no sleep, courtesy of Casper – Captain of #TeamNoSleep; we’ve had the boys at home all day, every day; and we’re facing a giant house move in 3 weeks (eeek, a bit of denial over that one) – I’m blissfully grateful for all the stuff going right. Don’t panic, I’m not about to get all gushy and holistically thankful to a higher being – but sometimes I find it good for the ol’ mama soul to take stock of my blessings – it puts things in perspective. On a day when things might not seem so perky,you know the ones when you’re pre-menstrual, the kids are fighting non-stop, the washing machine is stuck on an error-code that might as well be an outer-Mongolian dialect as no-one knows how to fix it, you run out of tea bags just as you’re gasping for that first cup of the day and you dash into the car to finally get to work only to remember you forgot to fill up with petrol – these are the days I’ll most need this list, to remind me, things really aren’t that bad!

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