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Hugo’s First Day of Secondary School

first day of secondary school

I didn’t think I could get any more emotional this morning, Hugo actually thought I’d lost the plot as I followed him around with a grin on my face. And then I received The Text Message to send any emotional mother over the edge of all text messages from his yr 6 TA:

“Hi Lovely
Can you wish Hugo the best of luck for the start of his new school. I will be thinking of him greatly over the next few weeks. School won’t be the same without him and I will miss him greatly. I believe in him. He is very talented and just needs to have self-belief. He has already proved with guts and determination, he can achieve anything he wants – he just needs to believe in himself. A new fresh start, a new beginning is his chance to shine. I have hope and faith in him as you do, but he needs to have those too. Find a teacher he can relate to. I know he can do great things. Have a great first day H xxx”

Mrs S never fails to bring tears of joy and gratitude to my eyes. She fills my heart with hope for every child starting school this week, even those who don’t conform to the norms. If the world (and all schools) were filled with beautiful, caring souls like Mrs S, it would be an immeasurably better place. This one’s for you Mrs S… we did it!


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