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Nuna Mixx SUITED Collection Review

Throughout the years, with babies, toddlers and “I don’t wanna walk”-ers  I’ve put quite a few buggies through their paces; my standards are high and expectations endless when it comes to a buggy. I need a work horse to not only ferry my precious cherub around in, but to carry the wherewithal that comes with a family of 7; withstand Sunday morning, winter football matches; traipse around a bumpy car boo sale, deal with beach days and, of course, look the part!

Say “hello” to Nuna Mixx Suited Pushchair

Nuna Mixx Review

So when I was asked to review the incredibly luxurious Nuna Mixx Suited pushchair, available exclusively through Mothercare, I was a little concerned that perhaps our lifestyle wasn’t conducive to such a luxury item. With its brushed gold frame, grey tweed-blend fabric and hand-stitched leather style details, this buggy looks every inch the new Savile Row offering – but do sticky toddlers and high-end tailoring mix well?

Nuna Mixx Suited

Apparently so!

Shortly after hauling the Nuna Mixx out of its box and admiring the attention to detail; working out what bits go where – assembly took about 10-15 minutes, which I’m sure would’ve been shorter had I a) read the instructions b) not been sweltering in 26 degrees heat c) had a hand from any of the other 6 people in my house who were too busy watching the FA cup final; I heard the toddler’s pitter-patter (who am I kidding? He’s become more of a baby monitor lizard) coming to investigate what I’d been huffing and puffing at in the kitchen. His eyes lit up and he was on/in it like the proverbial car bonnet.

As fifth child in, I hate to admit that luxury perhaps hasn’t been Casper’s thing – hand-me-downs and “that’ll do”‘s have largely featured when it comes to his equipment, so the Nuna Mixx Suited pushchair was most definitely an upgrade to first-class travel. The Nuna oozes luxury, comfort and style from every stitch, but at the same time remains practical and affordable. My only regret is that we didn’t have something similar from birth with Casper.

Nuna Mixx Pushchair

Nuna Suited Review

Nuna Mixx Suited

nuna Pushchair review

Why We Love the Nuna Mixx Suited Pushchair

  • It’s seat is beautifully padded and comfortable for even the bigger toddlers.
  • We were quite taken by the reversible seat, which we haven’t had the luxury of before.
  • The canopy is HUGE – perfect for my little vampire child who cringes as the sun hits his face!
  • The storage bag/shopping basket is so room that not only did I fit our basic shopping in, but also managed to squeeze in the scooter when Cas tired of being independent!
  • It folds down (easily, even for the most cack handed of us!) in one piece and once folded has a trolley function.
  • Top notch suspension, ball bearings and wheels make for smooth riding even on the bumpiest of old footie pitches as well as looking the nuts when out and about in the town!
  • The little pocket at the back is perfect for purse, phone, dummy and essentials – and also has a nifty magnetic closure!

Nuna Suited Review

Suited Collection review

Nuna amazingly gifted us the Nuna Mixx Suited Pushchair in exchange for this ‘ere post – but as always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. Sotheary Nylen
    March, 2020 / 9:47 pm

    Hi, I am in the market for a new stroller with a two year old. I wish I had invested in a more expensive stroller from the start, but I am now looking for one for long day trips. I just recently sold my Uppababy Cruz because I found that it is too bulky and not as compact as I would like. Other than the bulkiness, I did love the Cruz. I am really eyeing the 2020 Nuna Mixx Next, but my only concern is about the seat. I am concerned that the seat does not sit far back enough and that my toddler will be somewhat sliding forward. The main thing I loved about the Cruz was that the seat was set back enough to where he could sit comfortably. I have had this issue with seating before with my Maxi Cosi Dana stroller and I have read reviews about how parents wish that the Mixx had a deeper seat. Since you use the Mixx with your toddler you are the perfect person to answer my question! So, does your little one slide forward a bit, or does the seat allow him to sit far back enough to where he is comfortable?

    • March, 2020 / 9:49 pm

      Hi lovely, I’m so sorry but we haven’t used a buggy for 3 years now, I really can’t remember. All I know is that we loved this buggy while we had it x