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Sonic’s Back | SEGA x Amazon {Sponsored}

Sega Classics App, now available on Amazon Fire TV

Family review of Sega Classics App on Amazon Fire TV

“Boys, do you know what SEGA is?” I asked with nostalgia quite literally pouring from my eyes. Surely, this was a no-brainer; like asking anyone if they’re familiar with the work of S-Club-7 or The Back Street Boys; if they know the moves to The Macarena or how to play POGs. So, imagine my bitter disappointment when the reply was, “A saga? Yeah, it’s a Viking story, isn’t it?!”

Sonic the hedgehog is back

Rewind 26 years and my envy of anyone with a SEGA Mega Drive was raging. Sure, the ‘super Italian brothers’ (who shall not be named) were great an’all, but they were nothing compared to Sonic’s speed, the graphics of the SEGA and the unforgettable “S-E-G-A” as the – now “retro”- console whirred into life. Even if you don’t remember looking at Charlotte G with green eyes, as she shared her tales of ‘bonus levels’ and stomping out the evil Dr Robotnik, there are fewer games characters as iconic as the speedy blue hedgehog – Sonic.

SEGA Nostalgia

And, who’ve thought that one day, 30 years after SEGA first entered our somewhat tech-lacking worlds (let’s face it, we thought a Discman was good!) I’d be considering it a good family activity to bring us together? In a bid to get the boys off Athena (the island on which they spend most of their online lives in Fortnite) and marveling at the fact that no, Mr OG & I didn’t grow up in “black and white” times, we’ve been testing out the SEGA Classic games now available on Amazon Fire TV.

Sega Classics App

SEGA Classics Game Bundle is now just £11.99

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of SEGA Mega Drive, Amazon and SEGA have teamed up to offer 25 of the most popular SEGA games in one app. Think Street Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage and more, available on your TV for just £11.99! Oh Fire TV, where were you in 1992??

What the boys thoughts of SEGA Classics

The Classics game bundle includes 15 multiplayer games, making it perfect for the Christmas holidays as we battlie the “I’m bored”s for two weeks. The boys have laughed and battled, while realising I’m not that much of a dinosaur when it comes to gaming – I just need to be back in my comfort zone of the 90’s! A plus side, which I didn’t anticipate, was that due to the (dare I say it) simplicity of the 90’s games, Cas can actually join in without his usual frustration.

For £11.99, it’s got some fab interactive games for the whole family – and some the adults might stand a chance of winning. There’s no need to buy a console or controller, switch HDMI or get in your time machine to 1989 – just open the SEGA Classic app on your Fire TV and wait for that familiar chime of “S-E-G-A”; you can play with your Fire TV remote or pair a compatible Bluetooth controller to the device.

It’s like all my Charlotte G envying dreams have come true, just 26 years later! To play, customers only need their Fire TV remote – or they can pair a compatible Bluetooth controller to their device.

Sega Mega Drive is back

This post has been sponsored by Amazon Fire TV to celebrate the launch of the SEGA Classics app now available on Fire TV for £11.99. All opinions, sad retro anecdotes and games faces are our own and complete genuine.


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