How to Make A Perfect Cup of Tea with Breville Home Heroes {Sponsored}

My obsession with a morning tea in bed begun when I was just 6 and, didn’t even like tea. Staying with my Great-Nanny Flo, every morning her doily-clad teas-maid would ping its tinny alarm to notify her that the morning could begin thanks to a somewhat stewed, chlorine-y brew – but a brew none-the-less. Fast forward 25 (odd!) years, and not only did I start drinking tea during my first pregnancy, it’s so deeply ingrained in my (morning) routine that it’s almost a part of me. I’m also known for not being a morning person, so, in order to rouse me from my dribbling slumber without being subjected to the wrath of “you’re burning my bloody retinas” as he opens the blinds, Mr OG comes armed with a steamy cuppa to placate my morning dragon rage.

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