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How to Make A Perfect Cup of Tea with Breville Home Heroes {Sponsored}

Breville Lustra 1.7l Jug Kettle & Breville Lustra 4 Slice Toaster

My obsession with a morning tea in bed begun when I was just 6. Staying with Great-Nanny Flo, every morning her doily-clad teasmade would ping its tinny alarm to notify her that the morning could begin thanks to a somewhat stewed, chlorine-y brew – but a brew none-the-less. Fast forward 25 (odd!) years, it’s so deeply ingrained in my (morning) routine that it’s almost a part of me. As well as my prolific tea consumption, I’m also known for not being a morning person, so, in order to rouse me from my dribbling slumber without being subjected to the wrath of “you’re burning my bloody retinas” as he opens the blinds, Mr OG comes armed with a steamy cuppa to placate my morning dragon rage.

Breville Lustra Kettle Review

On special occasions – birthdays, Valentine’s and anniversaries – this tea in bed ritual gets a crumby upgrade; it comes with something to feed that dragon, usually jam slathered toast, oozing with butter – just the way I like it! We tend to shy away from presents – preferring to ‘be present’ instead. So breakfast in bed is the perfect way to start a present-less, but special day. Besides, I’d rather be given the time to open (and read) a Sunday supplement than a present to be tossed aside or hijacked by a toddler!

Breakfast in bed

Perfect Cup of Tea in Bed

Although controversial, run the tap for a minute or two first thing in the mornings so you don’t get the water that’s been sitting in the pipes all night, plus this aerates your H2O. (I often fill up a jug with this pipe-y water to water the plants while the kettle’s boiling).


Now, this is the cardinal rule, not to be broken – only boil the kettle once! Re-boiled water not only has a murky flavour but contains less oxygen. Oxygen helps carry the flavour, so you don’t want to lose this!


Pour your boiling water over the tea bag (yes, we’re a little last at this end of the day and savour our loose leaf for our bedtime brew – yes, that’s a thing too!!).


4 Minutes is the magic time! Just enough to release all the flavour without stewing into a village-hall style brew!


Then customise! I take a good drizzle of semi-skimmed.


Serve with love and a smile!

Breville Home Heroes

This Valentine’s day, we’ll be using our shiny new Breville Lustra Kettle and Breville Lustra 4 Slice Toaster, as part of our Home Heroes Ambassadorship.

Breville Lustra Collection

With a generous 1.7l capacity, we can make everyone in our house (plus 1) a cuppa at the same time with the Breville Lustra Jug Kettle. And it’s easy to avoid a grimy tasting cuppa as the element is concealed, making cleaning the kettle, inside and out, simple – plus the removable, cleanable limescale filter allows for a limescale free cuppa every time! The Storm Grey pearlescent finish of the Breville Lustra Kettle meant it looked perfectly at home in our monochrome kitchen. The only downs side – that time I mentioned to water the plants in the morning has halved, thanks to the 3kW element boiling the water in next to no time!

Breville Lustra Review

Lustra Kettle and Toaster

To go with my perfect morning cuppa, my toast is now perfectly browned courtesy of the Breville Lustra 4 Slice Toaster. Just like the other Breville Home Heroes we’ve trialed, this toaster looks fab! With accented chrome controls and contrasting trim, the Breville Lustra Toaster looks stylish with a hint of industrial chic. The extra wide bread slots mean that I can finally toast the boys teacakes or bagels, without needing to fire up the grill in the mornings. The extra-high lift and lock function, also means that pesky pancakes and crumpets don’t cause burnt fingers or a morning meltdown – “I can’t eat that, it’s all crinkled up!”

Breville Lustra Toaster

So, if like us you’re not doing presents this Valentine’s maybe consider making breakfast in bed with the Breville Lustra Kettle and Toaster – they’ll be the gift that keeps on giving, every morning!

This post was sponsored by Breville, who kindly also gifted us the Breville Lustra 1.7l Jug Kettle in Storm Grey and Breville Lustra 4 Slice Toaster in Shimmer Cream – but as always, all comments, opinions and anecdotes are my own.


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  1. September, 2018 / 12:09 pm

    We’re in desperate need of a new toaster! The heating elements have started to go in it, so you get half of it toasted, and the other half still bread…this Breville one looks nice too.