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My Steamy Mini-Break with Breville Home Heroes #Ad

Breville DiamondXpress 3100W Steam Iron

Breville Diamond Xpress

I’ve heard “no one enjoys ironing”, well “hello”, call me a crease obsessed domestic freak ‘cos I bloomin’ love ironing! I’d almost go as far to say that with enough time to get my (ironing) kit out, it’s actually a pleasurable luxury – after all, nothing beats regaining half my wardrobe by freeing the garments from the shackles of the ironing basket. It’s like going shopping for new clothes while ticking a job off ‘the list’ which you can martyr yourself with at the altar of chore-tit-for-tat with your partner at a later date, what’s not to love?!

But in order to get maximum enjoyment from my steamy mini-break (alas, not in the sense of the phrase I would have used 15 years ago) there’s a few things that help me get in the mood and are essential if you’re going to glean any gratification from ironing – trust me, I was once an ironing lady (really)!

family ironing made easier

Kid Free (or at least toddler free!)

There’s nothing more nerve wracking than having a calamitous toddler dancing between the rickety legs of the board and your wires, threatening to topple your iron to recreate a look similar to Marv in Home Alone!

 A Good Listen

 I’ve tried, tried and given up on catching up with a box set while ironing, unless I want Vera at number 38 to get wind of a racy scene in GOT as my volume’s up at 50 to cancel out the “whoooooosh” of the steam jets. But audio books and podcasts coupled with wireless headphones make for perfect ironing entertainment!


I don’t know about you, but I find ironing brings on a thirst like Ikea meatballs! Make sure you stay hydrated but save the G&T for when you’ve finished!

And not just you! Make sure you’re clothes aren’t shriveled to a crisp in the dryer, but even if they’re on the crunchy side, use a water spray before you start, in addition to the spritz at the front of the iron, to give them a little more life before tackling them.

Breville Xpress Review

Make sure your board game is on point! 

If your ironing board’s rocking like Norman Bate’s mother it’s not going to be fun. A sturdy, just below waist height, well padded ironing board is a must! I’ve also made the mistake, in the past, of going too big (!) – it was a mission just to get the thing out and set up; a smaller, easy to store board will ensure you don’t put it off!

The Iron

Family Ironing Tips

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but they’re also a domestic goddess’ best weapon! I recently took my ironing time to new, luxurious heights with the Breville DiamondXpress 3100W Steam Iron as part of my Breville Home Heroes ambassadorship. In a glam meets utility mash-up, Breville have ensured performance isn’t compromised just because this bit of kit is sporting a high-gloss, white finish; rose gold coloured ceramic soleplate with crushed diamonds for added durability and improved glide, and crystal embellished control dial! The large (400ml) water tank means less pit stops; the 3m cord allows me to change my scenery, perhaps a bit of alfresco ironing in the warmer months and the self-clean feature means no more of those nasty brown marks on a clean white tee!

The best steam iron from Breville

I knew I loved the Breville DiamondXpress not when I was blinded by its bling, but when I was putting the boys’ tees, Casper’s trousers and even Mr OG’s shorts aside to iron, when previously they “would’ve done” a little creased from the tumble dryer. A quick blast from the 70g constant steam (or the 200g steam blast for more stubborn crinkles) and the boys run the risk of looking smart!!

Crystal encrusted iron from Breville

Steam Iron Review

The downside for me is that Breville have done their utmost to make ironing quicker, easier and better with the Breville DiamondXpress – so, good news for those of you who still don’t like ironing and bad news for me that I won’t be able to hold what was a long, drawn out chore, over Mr OG’s head anymore and might have to join in with some garden football with the boys!

Breville Steam Iron Review

This post was sponsored by Breville, who also kindly gifted me the Breville DiamondXpress 3100W Steam Iron, but, as always all opinions, anecdotes and comments are my own.


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