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Monochrome Homework Station Ideas with Wayfair

We’ve now rebuilt most of the house (extension updates to come real soon, promise!), added bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and moved a staircase; the one thing I’m still to get sorted is a desk area not for me, as I oddly find the dining room table in the wee hours my most productive spot, but an ‘inspiration station’ for the kids. Somewhere that houses their 537 scented pens, 123 football shaped rubbers and all their other overpriced Smiggle junk, while also (perhaps) having the desired affect of being a place that once that school bell rings it will get their creative juices flowing on the off-chance they’ll get some homework done. Sure, I might be a little optimistic on the homework front, but I not only love a kid-based challenge (after all, we have 5, daily challenges are thrown our way, it’s a sport round here!) but I love hunting for interiors goodies and planning a space more than a 9-year-old loves slime!

This Summer, I’m all about “one stop shops”; I’m time poor, not so hot on the wonga front either and don’t have the patience left to drag at least 3 kids to actual shops! Instead I head to my home furnishings Mecca, Wayfair – I quite often dare the Wayfair search bar with items I assume it won’t find and it always surprises me with at least 57 results! I even buy my bin bags from Wayfair – but I digress! So, with a Pinterest mood board of kid-friendly workstations in space lacking houses in one virtual hand and Wayfair.co.uk in the other – I went about harvesting ideas for practical and functional kids work space that wouldn’t hurt my “I only want to see things I love in my home” eyes.

Monochrome Inspiration

Monochrome kids desk

As always, I’m instantly drawn to Scandinavian led design where clean lines merge with soft natural textures and accents; my aversion to primary colours doesn’t stop when it comes to the kids – while some would argue that they stimulate their minds, our older boys need a little less stimulation and a little more concentration – so a calm, monochromatic Scandi-style desk space, that won’t stand out from the rest of our house is in order.

The Shopping List with Wayfair

Wayfair always perfectly sates my inner Scandi-design hunger – with black, white, wood tones and marble aplenty – all in a myriad of iconic shapes and materials. Here are just a few of my top picks for our kids’ workstation, with a wall-mounted desk for a smaller space and a larger, mid-century style desk which would be great for a spare alcove.

Erm, now I’ve seen that, I’m tempting to ditch the dining room table! Now just to decide if it’s going in a nook in the lounge (hmmmm, Youtube central!!) or redesign the under stairs?!

Let me know your thoughts – I’m always interested to know what ideas you love lot have; pop a comment below or just holler over on the social!

Til next time….

Jess x

This blog post was in collaboration with Wayfair as I’m one of their Blogger Experts.


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