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The Writing’s On the… The Typography Trend

Gone are the days of subtle messages in our homes, there’s an interiors trend for saying it how it is and in some cases, quite literally the writing’s on the wall. Maybe we’ve become so comfortable with narrating our lives on social media, giving little stories to the freeze-frames of our moments and finding relevant hashtags to get the word out there. We’re using artwork, lighting, banners, cushions, blankets, crockery and even door mats to share our family motto, beliefs, uplifting quotes or  a one word mood. Never has the trend for saying it like it really is been so prevalent and I simply love it! Just think of all the captioning we’d have to do if our pictures didn’t contain words too!!

I’ve slowly started to notice that more and more typography is creeping into my interior decor (along with the monochrome landscape – oh black and white it easy with kids!), I’m not sure whether its the living with all the boys that means I literally have to spell stuff out for them. I’ve also adopted a lot of monogramming – again, maybe this is due to the kids, If I don’t stamp my initials on it I might very well forget who I am completely in a sleep deprived stupor!

The Only Girl in the House Blog, The Writing's on the wall post. Word light box, black crow sculpture and pumpkins

Light box by A Little Lovely Company – Head over to stockist This Modern Life.

With the birth of Instagram, products can soon become must haves for family homes, being snapped and shared on an international level can create a buying frenzy, but two of my fave typography purchases in the past six months (courtesy of instagram) have to be by A Little Lovely Company – light box, above, and their handwriting garland (as snapped here & 2 pics below). The boys quite often argue about who’s name is going to be featured in lights!

Typography is having a major moment, the variables are endless, clean and simple – making them a super quick and easy pick-me-up for a family home. After a fresh Scandi look? Throw some white paint around, add a motivation monochrome slogan and BAM – you’re 3/4 of the way there – just to throw in some rather pricey HAY furniture, oh a girl can dream! A la, my bedroom…

The Only Girl in the House Blog, The Writing's on the wall post. I love you bigger print, bloggers gonna blog print, pom poms and hooray all monochrome, black and white

I Love You Bigger Print by Steff & Co; Monochrome Beaded Pom Poms by Luxe Baby Lover on Etsy.

With this in mind, for my own sanity (before I forget all these great items) and in the good ol’ fashioned manner of sharing fab things, here’s my round up of all things wordy…

I couldn’t possibly not have a quick “moment” with one of my all time fave, iconic typography must haves for all scandi-chic homes. This wall-calendar seriously raises the bar on all other numeric based decoration! 49 year’s old and looking pretty hot (or should I say cool) Massimo Vignelli’s Stendig Calendar!


Available in the UK;, but hurry, they sell out like Kate Moss’s Playboy!

Just a few more to make my monochrome monologue complete…

The Only girl in the house blog, The Writings on the wall blog typograpy

Personalised Enamelware coming soon – Sophia Victoria Joy; Tiny Cottons HIBERNATE blanket; BE Brave Banner from Southwood Stores; Naughty Step decal from Nor-Folk.

 Now, just to decide what sort of a statement you want your home to make (say!).


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