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Life’s Little Luxuries With Fatface

Cashmere, Wool & Grey Goodness | #Ad

I might be flouted as “fussy” by those nearest and dearest come present buying season, even to the point I’ve renounced presents to avoid disappointment and for the simple reason I don’t need anything else in my life. This might sound annoyingly self-righteous and oh-so on-trend for banging the anti-materialistic drum, but those aren’t the foundations of my protestations. I do believe in the whole “less is more” ethos, I don’t always live it, but believe in it I do – it comes down to the fact I just really know what I like (and, more accurately what I don’t!) and get twitchy at the thought of undesired crap being thrust my way.

I feel the same when it comes to my wardrobe – not much makes the cut, there’s a few rules about what infiltrates my Trojan-like fashion fortress…

  • Cheap, fast fashion grinds my norks! As I’ve gotten older (oh goodness, did I actually just write that?!) I’ve learnt to appreciate ethically sourced, higher-quality clothing – choosing classic, investment pieces preferably made of natural materials (I may indeed have a penchant for grey cashmere). These needn’t come with a whopping price tag though, you just need patience and a magpie-like vision at car boot sales, charity shops and on eBay.
  • My universal rule whether I’m running around after the boys, at work or heading to London for a soiree (erm, like twice a year!), my clothes have to be comfy and warm!
  • Colour! Or lack of it – the tones I return to day after day, month after month and year after year – white, grey, black and denim.

Why I Love Fatface

Over the past year I’ve been working with Fatface, they’re one of the few fashion brands that have charmed their ways into my cashmere bound heart. In that time I’ve gone from thinking of them as the high street home to pretty patterns, mustard and maroon, and fab sales – to – the great team along the road on the south coast; who resist ‘fast fashion’, opting for garments that are made to last; have a thoughtful, in-house design team; impeccable customer service and create cracking wardrobe staples in my favourite colours. On top of that, they can boast some of the best ethical policies and practices on the high street!

But best of all for Winter 2017, they’ve sprinkled luxurious cashmere goodness throughout their collection from buttery soft, 100% cashmere jumpers, to wool/cashmere blends to warm the chilliest of footie sideline bods! Fatface have seriously upped their luxurious game, without raising the price tag bar too high or lowering their ‘good for the fashion soul’ ethics! WIN!

It’s no secret that I’ve spent the last 4 months, since its  discovery at a Sunday car boot sale, in my grey cashmere onsie aka, the Cashmere condom – oh, you can imagine Mr OG’s joy! But while I might consider this lounge wear, day wear, night wear and everything in between-wear – it not only needed a break, but I needed to give the postman a sense that I actually get dressed! Being a fickle soul, I didn’t need much convincing once I clapped eyes on the grey, knitted joggers and lounge wrap cardigan – both with a ‘touch of cashmere’. Oh my! My lounge wear has never looked so insta-worthy. Not only does this stylish pairing (along with a simple Skye tee) make me feel like I might have my shiz together, the fit is like a warm hug of grey knitted joy!

I’ve selected my favourite little luxuries from Fatface, to create an Only Girl grey knit edit (see below) – from cashmere socks to grey knitted hoodies with that magical touch of cashmere. Go on – treat yourself or, even better, drop a heavy hint in the other half’s direction to get some cosy cashmere goodness under the tree!

The Only Girl Edit from Fatface


Emily Cashmere Jumper, 100% Mongolian Cashmere

Cashmere Triangle Scarf – super soft, luxury!

5-Pocket Jeggings in Black – A year round staple

Grey Cable Knit Cashmere Blend Socks

Winter Outfit from Fatface

Lounge Wear…

…(which means anytime wear, right?!) If you get one outfit this winter, let this be it!

Knitted Joggers in grey with a touch of cashmere magic

Lounge Wrap Cardigan in Grey, you guessed it, with a hint of cashmere

Skye Tee in White


…’cos I can never put together my faves from Fatface in winter without their renowned nightwear, plus, even I don’t (always) sleep in cashmere!

Knitted Lounge Hoodie, cashmere blend baby!

Stars Jersey Leggings

Star Knit Bed Socks

Fatface Slipper socks

This post has been sponsored by Fatface, who also kindly sent me a selection of their goodies from their latest collection; but as always, all comments, anecdotes and opinions are my own.



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