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Getting Cosy | Matalan Sheepskin

It’s come to that time of year when Mr Only Girl and I start to wrangle over the thermostat as my inner hibernator craves to whack up that central heating and surround myself with cosiness. Heading into autumn harks the beginning of log fired evenings, lighting spice-scented candles by the dozen, throwing on my much-loved grey cashmere hoodie and convincing the kids it’s bedtime a little bit early, just because it’s dark! Nothing screams cosy more than natural sheepskin rugs – nature’s answer to a warm hug, so when I found this double Sheepskin ready for Autumn, I did an inner-jig at all the styling possibilities.

Matalan Direct Sheepskin

Natural sheepskins are my go-to gift for any new mama, as they make a snuggly, safe resting place on the floor for your new sprog, are ideal for first steps and the inevitable first tumbles. Thrown over a nursery chair, they’re a sanctuary during the 2am night feed when you’re craving your own bed, but a little someone has better ideas. Any chair or sofa benefits from the addition of a sheepskin – it can turn a rigid seat into a covetable pew; breathe new life into a knackered, been-jumped-on-by-boys sofa and give an off-trend seat an affordable update.

sheepskin review matalan direct

Putting a sheepskin rug in front of the fire creates a musical chairs effect in our house – 5 kids vs one sheepskin = bundle. This still doesn’t deter me every winter from creating the living room hot-spot, as once the kids have gone to bed, it only leaves me and the dog to vie for the hottest seat in the house.

Matalan Direct Sheepskin review

If sharing really isn’t your thing, and as a mum, not much is sacred – drape your sheepskin over the end of the bed just to give bedtime a little more “come hither”.

Sheepskin on bed

Matalan Direct kindly supplied me with this Double Size Natural Sheepskin in exchange for this blog post, as ever, all opinions, comments and images are my own.


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