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Easter Holiday Mumdrobe Must-Haves from Fat Face

Ok, so I think it’s pretty safe to assume that as the Easter holidays approached, 2-4 weeks with your little darlings laying ahead of you like a gauntlet of bank balance hating activities and continuous feeding, you didn’t stop to worry about what clobber you might don in these parentally stressful times. But I’m always up for shoe-horning a bit of retail therapy into even the most tenuous of excuses, so bear with me.

fun at the beach

In these seasonally challenging times, or “transeasonal” as I believe the fashwan mob refer to this gooch of spring-summer, it’s difficult to know what garb to wear (not in an overly head scratching/allgebra way, but definitely in a “I don’t have time to construct a coherent outfit this morning after Casper’s already thrown porridge in my hair” kinda way).

You can start the day confidently swathed in a cosy knit, only to be sweating your tata’s off come 11am after that mist has “burnt off”.  Failing that, you can become overly confident that the fog will lift, only to find yourself swaddled in the toddler’s ‘blankie’ for warmth, as the cami, shorts and flip-flops combo was a tad optimistic.

fat face collaboration

So, without further ado, here are my Easter holiday ‘mumdrobe’ must-haves (scroll through images to have a proper nosey!), from one of my favourite go-to’s for quality, comfy and great fitting clothing – Fat Face! Oh, and it gave me a chance to pose on a beach again (missed it the first time? check it out HERE!) – I’m pretty sure Sports Illustrated will be calling any day now!

Outfit #1

Tasha Dark Denim Jacket

– the perfect coverall when there’s still a chill in the air

Linen Drawstring Trousers in Phantom

– comfort of joggers but style of Bali beach babe

Stella Cami in Black Phantom

– sexy little mum number for those sunnier days ahead

Outfit #2

‘More Fun in the Sun’ Crew Sweater

– possibly the softest jumper I own!

Worker Shorts in Charcoal

– perfect “mum” shorts, not too short to flash your wherewithal and not too long to look frumpy.

Outfit #4

Stripe Crew Sweater

– too cold for that breton tee yet? Look no further!

Club Joggers 

– I quite literally want to live in these!

Fat Face fabulously gifted me the items for me to frolic about in – but, as always, all thoughts, comments, opinions and sweary bits, are my own! Thanks Fat Face!


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