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The Only Girl Guide #2 | Getting Me Through Autumn

Well, slap my thigh and call me fanny – if I’m not mistaken, this is the second ‘Only Girl Guide’ post – which is getting a little close to commitment for my liking, and if not, at the very least it’s turning into a habit! But you might notice I’m screeching in a couple (ahem) of days behind schedule; partly thanks to that parental-time f**k, known as half-term and we were busy celebrating Hugo’s birthday. I pretty much blinked and missed October.

So, without further ado, here’s the most loved, useful, cherished and note-worthy from October; whether it’s been bought, gifted, found or made – either way, there’ most definitely no buying your way onto this list! These gems are making my Autumn a little brighter and cosier…

Muddy Puddles


Shiz We loved, Muddy Puddles Scamp Suit

I’m not sure how I’ve made it this far into wet, cold winters with boys without discovering Muddy Puddles. A one stop shop for all your small people outdoor gear from wellies to thermals, jackets to socks – they’ve literally got it covered! We’ve used Cas’ Scamp without the warm fleece lining for Autumn, to keep his clothes a bit less muddy and his bum not so wet; while his wellies with faux-fur lining have kept his toes warm and are a doddle to get on and off!

STAFF Jumper | Bon Tot


Bon Tot Staff Jumper

I bloomin love this cosy sweatshirt – it ticks all my boxes: slogan, grey (ok, blue-ish), over sized and super soft! This is now my go-to jumper for my home days, as I become the underpaid staff to 5 boys! And when I say “underpaid” my salary consists of left over pizza and a continual supply of filthy socks to wash!

Bundle Beds


Quite literally a bed in a bundle, these guys saved my oversubscribed birthday sleepover skins last week! A massive miscalculation on how many boys we’d have in the house (you’d think I’d be well versed in counting boys!!) left us short on the mattress/duvet front. Bundle beds stepped in to ensure all Hugo’s revelers had a comfy bed for the night! Perfect for sleepovers, camping or trips to Granny’s house – the attention to detail on each of this super soft and comfy beds is fab!

Dozy Girl Tea from Bluebird Tea Co.


Dozy Girl Tea

I love a bedtime ritual, but have never been one for double cleansing – we also, know of my love for tea – nuff said! Dozy Girl is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day, when a standard Tetley might leave you buzzing! Not that I needed any help getting to sleep!

Elle from Feathering the Empty Nest

If you don’t follow Elle, do! Mum to angel Teddy, pug-mum to Boris and owner of impeccable tresses, Elle brightens my days with her candid insta-stories but cuts to the core with her heartbreaking and tear-rendering words when it comes to losing her beautiful baby boy, Teddy, and what being a mum means when your baby isn’t physically here anymore. Elle writes honestly about her fertility journey and generally about life when not everything goes to plan. TBH she had me at “magic dildo wand” (referring to her gynecologists probe!).

So, there you have it – my October faves. If you’ve seen me touting any other shiz recently and want to know how we’ve got on, or can’t remember the name of a shampoo I tried out once then lost to the boys’ shower-room of doom – feel free to comment and I’ll do my best to remember!


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