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Brexit: The Kids’ Questions

The Questions The Under 10’s Want Answering Post Brexit

I usually shy away from blogging about the latest trending subject matter, fodder to soon become tomorrow’s chip paper just isn’t my bag; neither, until the last few days was politics. But after Friday’s revelation that our fine and glorious country will be leaving the EU, many seem quite up in arms, upset, offended and brutally disappointed with the outcome. Panic not, I’m not about to wade into a political rant. This is not to berate or applaud either side of the argument. And yes, we’ve all seen the enviable diplomacy of the Facebook friend that says “we all need to move forward together despite the decision”. If you want my view, it’s mildly displayed over HERE. This is simply to pose the questions asked by the generation this outcome will potentially affect the most – our children. On being informed of the Brexit on Friday morning, something which I’ve done my best to inform my otherwise pretty clueless sons about, these were the responses given from the 8 and 9 year old.

  • Clearly putting their priorities first (football, football and football): “WHAT? So we’re not in the Euro’s? But I thought we’d definitely made it through to the quarters?!”
  • A bemused Bruno, getting a bit more geographically practical but clearly still too early to reveal such life changing information: “What continent are we in then?”
  • Taking Bruno’s lead, but sticking with the footballing theme, Hugo: “So does that mean we’ll be in the Copa America instead then?”
  • Slowly coming to terms with the gravitas of the decision which has been made, and clearly needing some time to reflect on it’s impact: “Do I still have to go to school today?”
  • “Are they going to push us further up? Or draw a line around us?”
  • On discovering that Wales and/Scotland might wish to part ways from GB: “Oh no, I really liked Wales! We can’t lose the pig head part of the country!”
  • “Can I have scrambled eggs for breakfast?”
  • If we go to Grandma’s house (all of 400m down the road), is her house in the EU?”

So whilst they may not be wholly concerned about the prospect of not being able to live and work freely in 27 neighbouring countries, the friends they may never know or the spouses they might never meet , these were the vitally important questions being thrashed out in the playground on “independence day”.  That’s it from me reporting live on political agendas – I’ll now head back to shitty nappies, getting the dog to the vets and a cold cuppa.


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  1. June, 2016 / 11:25 am

    I love this so much! What DOES it mean for the Euros? AND EUROVISION?!?!?!

    • June, 2016 / 2:09 pm

      That’s a very good point – I hadn’t even considered Eurovision! x