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Ditch the G&T, It’s All About Robinsons Fruit Creations #Ad

Fruit Squash Especially for Grown-Ups

I have a confession. It may appear from my online antics that I’m partial to a G&T almost every night of the week, after all, isn’t that what us “mum bloggers” (must stop cringing at that title!) do – blabber on the internet, moan about our kids, then guzzle G&Ts while munching on a left-over fish finger amuse-bouche?! In reality, I drink 1, maybe 2, G&Ts a week; I can’t stand wine and gag at the thought of any other hard spirits; in truth, I have the taste-bud maturity of an 8 year old. Which is tres noble and at least one thing I do that might be good for my insides, but somewhat embarrassing when you ask for a squash at a friend’s house in the evening. Mr OG has long asked “what kids drink did you want with your meal this evening?!”

Robinsons Fruit Creations

So, when Robinsons got in touch to tell me all about their new, grown-up squash, ‘Fruit Creations’, I was all over it like a Noddy Holder on Christmas! Robinsons Fruit Creations boast fruitier, juicier (oh-er) grown-up flavoured squash such as Juicy Pear & Blueberry, Rich Pear, Blackcurrant & Cherry and (my fave) Crisp Apple & Elderflower with Barley; with some of their old favourites getting a fruitier uplift with twice the fruit for grown-up taste buds! Available from November, the jazzier, more refined Robinsons Fruit Creations are perfect for taking it slow during the festive period!

If you fancy getting really grown-up though (I’m just taking baby steps for now!) then why not give Robinsons other new range a whirl; Robinsons new Fruit Cordial, created with a twist of sophistication, real fruit and botanical flavours and in a truly grow-up glass bottle – perfect for the Christmas dinner table!

Grown-up Fruit Squash

The Verdict On Robinsons Fruit Creations

Let’s be honest, I was an easy target, looking for a squash with a grown-up name to poo-poo Mr OG’s theory that I’m not really an adult! Nonetheless, I still love the zingy flavours and punchy fruit hits. But there was a surprise winner with Mr OG, who I also caught have a cheeky swig here and there too!

Robinsons Fruit Creations

Tip to making your Robinsons Fruit Creations even better!

To add an extra grow-up touch to your Robinsons Fruit Creations mix with sparkling water – no one will know you’re not on the fizz!

The post has been sponsored by Robinsons, however, all opinions, comment and anecdotes are true and my own.


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