Family Travel: Toddler Must-Haves

With the summer holidays in full flow and the mass exodus from the classroom many of you lucky buggers will be jetting of to warmer climes for your hols – something we did back in the half term (you can read all about it here and even see the vid here!). At the time we were rather smug at the idea of going away before everyone else, with the optimism of summer laying before us – now we just watch on with green eyes as you holiday spam my insta-feed from gorgeous destinations. But hopefully our premature jaunt to the sun has filled me with holiday wisdom to share – to bring you the bits I couldn’t have gone that week without (and at the bottom, the bits I want to kick to bloofy Jupiter). Ok, well I probably could’ve survived a Greek, all-inclusive resort without these items, but it would have been a lot more stressful (yes, even more stressful than travelling as a family of 7!).

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Not Quite Adulting: My Adult Moments

You’d think that at 31, having birthed 3 sprogs, been married then divorced, mortgaged up, 2 step kids and numerous pets – that I might consider myself a fully fledged adult. WRONG! Like many people I’ve asked on this subject, it’s not that I feel like a kid, but I certainly don’t feel like I’ve reached the peak of my grown-up-ness. Worringly, even my mum – a whole generation of adultier-ness above me, still doesn’t feel there yet. But perhaps being a grown-up isn’t a state, a bit like happiness, it’s fleeting moments; moments where it really feels as though I’ve got my shit together and I can do this – without doing a silly dance, asking for a straw with my coke or throwing a (discreet) tantrum when our local ice cream parlour runs out of cherry flavour on a particularly I-need-cherry-kinda-day ).

So, here’s my list of moments when I feel top of my adult game – in the vague hope, some of you might also feel the same about our severe lack of acknowledging our responsibilities and always hoping there will be an adultier adult to deal with the crap post fan-hit.

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The Baby Bits I Couldn’t Live Without

Ok, so maybe the title of this blog is a bit strong, I most probably could live without them as most third world women do every day and thousands of years’ worth of mothers have… View Post

Busy Doing Nothing

I’d like to think I’m not the only one who, at the beginning of their day, has grand plans of all the creative + productive things I’m going to get done; only to become so overwhelmed, crammed with great (at least in my opinion) ideas that I end up thinking “I’ll just make one more cuppa, check ALL social media platforms just one more time + then I’ll crack on”. On an average day I may have repeated this action 4-5 times, then it’s 3pm, time to make the transition from mum of baby on maternity leave to dinner lady/taxi/referee/washer-woman, at which point, needless to say, NOTHING-NADA is achieved!

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