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In case you haven’t spotted it yet, we announced over on our brand new Youtube channel that Casper and I are now HUGGIES Wipes ambassadors for the rest of the year. We’re not just putting their HUGGIES® Pure Wipes to the test, we’re combining this with their natural elements and gentleness – taking time out of our hectic days to just appreciate nature and each other. With this in mind, Huggies have enlisted the help of baby bonding guru Gayle Berry. Gayle, the HUGGIES® Wipes bonding expert is a multi-award winning baby massage and baby yoga expert and founder of Blossom & Berry. I was lucky enough to pose a few questions to Gayle recently on developing a secure bond with your baby and nurturing the relationship during times that might be considered “everyday moments”…

The Only Girl in the House Blog, the mum with 5 boys shares her interview with baby bonding expert Gayle Berry from Berry & Blossom, baby massage and baby yoga in collaboration with huggies pure wipes

As a mum of 3 and step mum to 2 more boys, taking chunks of time away from the other children isn’t always possible, especially with the summer holidays upon us – what sort of everyday situations (like change time) are great times for bonding with babies and toddlers?

“Everyday offers the opportunity to connect with your child. Time and attention are key. Enjoying the moment and being present when you are doing anything with your children whether at mealtime, bedtime or playing. Switching off from doing other things at the same time as being with your children is so important so they know you are with them and enjoying whatever experience you are sharing together. Tuning out of looking at devices or multi tasking and tuning in to what your child is saying and doing speaks volumes to them. It’s the small things which children often notice so creating times in the day when it’s just about you and them is important. If you have a busy life this may seem completely unrealistic at first but start just with 5 minutes in the day for each child and see if you feel more connected in and in tune with them. Time, cuddles and love are free and they can work wonders to create close relationships.”

The Only Girl in the House Blog, the mum with 5 boys shares her interview with baby bonding expert Gayle Berry from Berry & Blossom, baby massage and baby yoga in collaboration with huggies pure wipes. Mum and sleeping baby photograph, cute mom and baby

I’ll admit, I’m offender number 1 in our house for not being present – so have made a pact to stash my beloved smart phone away in a box on the fridge when I’m home with the kids. We have “snuggle” time at the end of Casper’s day, as the big boys like to say good night. So everyone will pile onto our bed whilst we tell little stories from our day after Casper’s bath.

The Only Girl in the House Blog, the mum with 5 boys shares her interview with baby bonding expert Gayle Berry from Berry & Blossom, baby massage and baby yoga in collaboration with huggies pure wipes

Change time isn’t always the calmest – more often than not it’s a case of getting it over with as quickly as possible for Casper (15 months) to wriggle off. He just isn’t keen on lying still – are there any tricks you can recommend for making a time for Casper and I to enjoy as opposed to dread?

“Older babies love playing games so this is his way of engaging you in play even if that’s not your intention! It is really important to talk to him and explain what you are doing so he knows what is coming up and what you are expecting him to do. Getting into a little routine to nappy change is important, so associating nappy changing with a little rhyme song or story that he enjoys. This creates a positive association with nappy changing rather than a battle of wills. When children become aware of their own identity they often want to apply their will to influence situations and to assert control. Let any expectations of behaviour fall and create a fun environment for nappy changing instead. Foot massage at nappy changing can also help create a little ritual which he will enjoy. The world is very exciting to babies so they don’t always want to stop to have a nappy change. It’s very important to be calm and talk in a positive way to your baby and the repetition of the key message “nappy changing”  is very important. Getting stressed or shouting creates anger, conflict and negatively which teachers your baby that adults communicate in that way. Repetition of the behaviour you want to see is vital to convey the lesson you are trying to teach. If your child is resisting, talk to them, smile and see what will make them feel more calm and relaxed.”

The Only Girl in the House Blog interviews Gayle Berry, baby bonding expert as part of her Huggies Wipes Ambassadorship and brand sponsorship. Making nappy changes a magical bonding timeThe Only Girl in the House Blog, the mum of boys and Huggies brand ambassador gives tips on baby bonding with Gayle Berry and Huggies Pure Wipes. Making change time a special time.

Casper’s lucky enough to have 4 older brothers (8-14) what are your top tips for siblings to bond with a new arrival and now, a toddler.

“Siblings are so amazing and mini teacher’s for younger children. Again spending time together is crucial to help nurture relationships and create bonds. Encouraging your older ones to read stories and play games together is a great idea. Cuddles and conversation are key so that the relationship can grow and develop. Your 14 year old is old enough to give Casper a massage which would be wonderful for bonding.”

The Only Girl in the House, mum of 5 boys share the tips from Gayle Berry, Huggies Pure Wipes baby bonding expert on how siblings and big brothers can bond with a new and toddler. Part of being a Huggies Brand Ambassador. Brothers playing together

Thank you so much to Gayle for sharing her loving tips.

This post has been in collaboration with HUGGIES to highlight the connection between the gentleness of nature and caring of HUGGIES (made with natural fibres & 99% water). With an added touch of nature, HUGGIES Pure Wipes help to ensure that baby change-time is a special moment to bond with baby while effectively soothing and cleaning away any messes.

To find more tips and advice from the HUGGIES Wipes experts visit www.huggieswipes.co.uk


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