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Where Have I Been? Youtube

I’m not going to kid myself into thinking anyone might have noticed my slight absence from the blog over the last few weeks. Rest assured, the boys have not won their continual efforts to overthrow the parental powers in a coup to seize control of the crisp and sweet cupboard, leaving me tied to a chair with smelly socks and loom-band ropes; neither have I been carried away in a Pokemon-Go frenzy in search of the elusive Zapdos. I’ve been hanging out on the good ol’ YouTube – creating a few vids for your viewing pleasure. So, if you fancy taking a peek at what we all look like when we’re moving, head over to my brand spanking Youtube channel.

It’s been liberating, stepping away from writing perfectly formed sentences that Google will deem readable (yes, these are the mundane things us bloggers consider) and have a little bit of fun, show the actual me (with a voice!) and hang out with the sprogs, as opposed to saying “Mummy’s writing boys!”, which they would only bloody ignore anyway!

I finally got round to putting together all the snippets of our first ever family holiday to show our days in the sun, with Thomson Holidays. As ever with a pride of boys (not sure what the official collection of small males actually is?! Gaggle? Herd? Gang?) unfortunately some of our finer moments weren’t captured on film – the post dinner fist fight outside the hotel restaurant followed by an all out chase round the play park being just one of the precious travel moments when I couldn’t get my inner Tarantino into action quick enough. I promise I’ll try better next time, but for now… here’s (most of) our best bits.

Then (oh yes, it was a busy week!), we were buzzing to announce that we’ve become Huggies Wipes Ambassadors. If you fancy seeing me wrangle a small person, who’s grasp of the English language (or any language for that matter particularly the phrase “come back!”) isn’t strong whilst highlighting the benefits of Huggie’s 99% water Pure Wipes – head on over.

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