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Happy Pride – What my 4 yr Old thought of the Boy with 2 Mummies!

Just a short and sweet post from me today with a little nod to all the fab festivities going on in London – erm, you might have heard of this colourful little thing called PRIDE!

It made me think back to Bruno’s first week at school; at the time I was a single mum to just two boys so a lot of the time it was just me and them doing our own thing. Bruno settled in well to his new surroundings and made lots of new friends, finding out lots of interesting things about their lives – their pets, their siblings, where in our village they lived and all the other bits of information children use to form some sort of profile on their peers. But one thing caused Bruno to ask me questions when he came home one day…

Bruno: “Mummy, there’s a boy in my class with two mummies, why?”

Having already attended the reception welcome mornings I was aware that this wasn’t the case of just over-exaggeration in the same way I’d been informed by Bruno that one of the boys in his class had 20 snakes and a crocodile at his house,  but I had already had the pleasure of the meeting the lesbian mummies.

After explaining to Bruno the usuals – two ladies can be in love with each other and two men etc, and with the assistance of the fab book And Tango Makes Three explaining gay mummies and daddies, he had one big gripe…

Bruno *with tears in his eyes*: “Why does he get to have two mummies? I only get one! I want two of you!”

After my initial sense of failing at only being one mum against the world, my heart broke for a second with the sheer beauty of what he had asked. He had not an inkling of a problem with boys and girls falling in love with each and having babies, he only saw the huge benefit that those babies would be getting double the amount of love, hugs, kisses- all the things he got from mummy, but doubled!

So to all the fabulously colourful gay (and hetro for that matter) parents out there today – have a super PRIDE with your families! And if you have space for a little one- Bruno would love to come along too!


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  1. July, 2015 / 7:30 pm

    Oh that is such a beautiful response! You must be really proud of him, he sounds like a little sweetheart ๐Ÿ™‚

    • July, 2015 / 11:40 am

      Haha, like all of them – they have their moments! But he is a little sweetie. As i’m sure you know too well – they only know what you teach them x