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Green Velvet Dreams (The Sequel) | The Armchair

With Julian Joseph at Wayfair

It’s been referred to as “the hole of doom” – it’s the place from which the din of Youtube rings, sofa wrestling settles remote-based disputes and a space that style (and I) forgot; it’s our lounge. Since our mammoth extensions were ‘finished’ (I use that word very loosely!), the lounge has become somewhere to assemble rowdy tweens for giant sleepovers, chuck/hide all Casper’s brightly coloured, plastic tat and very occasionally retire to once all the kids have gone to bed (that’s between 9.30pm and when I doze off 5 minutes later!). It’s been promised a plywood barn sliding door, a dramatic colour splash and layered rugs to make a Persian prince envious – but so far, I’ve failed to deliver on its style makeover.

Wilton Armchair Green Velvet

But it was about time I gave at least one corner of the lounge a bit of schujj! After all, I needed it presentable enough to show the odd house visitor that I hadn’t abandoned the room completely, surrendering it as a teenagers’ stronghold accessorised by discarded crisp packets and random trainers; and that my claim to “working in interiors” wasn’t just a sham with obsessive Pinterest-ing being my only qualification!

Green Velvet Chair

The plan was to have somewhere to comfortably observe Cas constructing his Trans-Siberian railway (he’s got enough of the bloomin’ stuff!) and cosy up next to the log fire while gazing at the children adoringly as they agree on a Disney film to watch harmoniously. Then I snapped back to reality and resigned myself to the fact that we have a silly amount of people in our house, so the lounge sofa wasn’t cutting it in the bums-on-seats stakes come family movie night; and, I simply needed somewhere I could sit in the lounge, with the boys, without needing to yell “I’VE GOT A HOT TEA!” every time someone at the other end of the sofa so much as broke wind!

boho corner in family home

Classic Velvet Chair

With my love of green velvet still burning bright, I fell head over heels for the Julian Joseph Wilton armchair in green velvet, on the homewares mega-site of Wayfair. It was like the sequel to my well-documented love affair with The Green Velvet Sofa of Dreams! Deep, jewel tones are perfect for bringing richness into little corners of the home in the colder months (as well as disguising a myriad of small people smears and the odd drop of spilt tea); with soft, cosy textures like velvet adding to their warmth.

Wayfair UK Green Velvet chair

The classic wingback shape and the hand-hammered brass studs of the Wilton Armchair, along with woody scented candles, help give the corner a boho, Dickensian eclecticism with grown-up sophisticated air (try saying that quickly!) – meaning the kids stay well clear for fear of being sent to the workhouse for snotting on my new chair. We’ll see how long it takes one of them to realise it’s one of the comfiest spots in the house!

Julian Joseph Armchair

So, from henceforth, if you’re looking for me this winter you will find me shivering my bits off on the football sidelines or here, in my little corner of cosy – thanks to Julian Joseph and Wayfair.

Get the Look

On trend, yet an affordable statement piece –the beautiful green velvet Wilton chair (also available in navy velvet).

Cushion originally from Urban Outfitters

Sheepskin Rugs

Belle Black & White Rug

Candle Sticks

House Plants

Vintage Frames and cabinet all from scouring carboot sales!

This post has been in collaboration with Wayfair and Julian Joseph who fabulously gave me the Wilton Chair in exchange for this post – but as ever all comments, opinions and snot related anecdotes are my own.


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