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Let’s Have a Catch-Up

Hola my long lost friends! Just thought I’d offer a little update on the goings on over here behind The Only Girl in the House, I haven’t gone into hibernation, promise! For the past month I’ve been busy beavering away making the site a little easier on the eyes and hopefully making it a coffee-break must-read for whenever you have a spare mo – oh, as well ensuring all the boys make it to September in one piece after the mammoth summer hols. (I don’t think I’ve ever heard the words “Can I have something to eat?!” uttered quite so may times as I have in the past 20 days – boys are just non-stop growing gannets sent here to raid the fridge – of which we have two!!).

The Only Girl in the House Blog, East Skatepark Sleep Repeat Summer Holidays with boys

The summer hols with the boys!!

As a ginormous thank you for hanging in their whilst I’ve been quiet, I’ve been pulling together some of my fave online makers, mamas and shops to get an awesome relaunch giveaway together – yes, free stuff to one amazing reader! Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you’re following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the ways to enter.

The Only Girl in the House Giveaway Coming Soon

In the meantime, never one to not want to share my deepest darkest…

  • I’m currently in love with this new collection of awesome threads.
  • I feel like I need this in my life, but do I have time?
  • I am so signing the boys up to everything here – Brighton mums, this is a must!
  • This is on its way to rescue my hair – all the way from AUS!
  • AND
  • This is my new fave snack/lunch – four days in a row, so far!!

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