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For a little while now I’ve had my eye on many different 100% linen (French most often) bedding – you know, the actual linen-y kind – the kind that looks perfectly muzzed up + “Sunday morning lived in” all the time!  I could probably admit to having procrastinated for over 6 months, ogling over various naturally hued colour combo’s, massively varying price brackets + the all important customer review (comfort rating).  But, now that I have finally made my purchase, I don’t want all this carefully scoured (borderline obsessional) information going to waste – so you, my lucky followers, can also get lost in my world of actual linen bed linen!

To die for Linen Bedding

Image credits: Cultiver & H&M

Whilst on my pilgrimage for the holy grail of linen sheets, which I’ll admit started (+ really ended) with only aesthetics in mind, I also gleaned some other rather handy info about my literie du jour:

  • 100% Natural. Flax needs no irrigation, rainwater is enough for it to grow so growers use less fertilisers/pesticides.
  • Truly Healthy. Linen fibres are naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial + anti-mycotic. It has a natural pH balance which helps to soften + preserve the skin (the biggest bonus so far!!).
  • Eco-Friendly. Linen requires less water to grow, fewer resources to process + has more uses for its by-products. It also has a chemical-free finishing compared to cotton, all the reasons why linen is the greener fabric by far to other materials.
  • So Comfortable. Breathable like a second skin, Linen can help to regulate your temperature. It absorbs moisture in the heat + retains body heat in the cold. Cotton sheets tend to break down after a few years whereas linen actually only starts to shine after 3 years!

Along the way I have come across some great linen duvet sets, which I haven’t opted for for various reasons:

Firstly, The Linen Works – absolutely stunning muted tones – pure white, a delicious dark grey + a dusty pink.  The fact all their linen is pre-washed, basically means they fast forward to year 3 of the linen life span, giving you super soft bedding from day one.  This was all fab, but with the gorgeous colour combos + the fact we have 6 six pillows + a super king duvet, this brought the basket cost to just under £400 (that was before I even started layering my look with a flat sheet!). So for my first foire into linen bedding, I chose to move onto a less costly option.

Luxurious Super Soft Bed Linen from The Linen Works

The Linen Works, Lens Charcoal Collection.

Next up came a recommendation from my uber-stylish, Scandi-style cool mother – pointing me in the direction of H&M.  She’s been a advocate of their linen bedding for over a year + swears by the layered colours + rather soft texture – that said, this works for her as she’s lucky enough to fall into the single-king sized options they offer, *sad face*, alas I do not! Whilst the thought of squishing our super king duvet into the king size cover did occur to me, this would just be a compromise too far (in addition to the fact you have to be like Usain Bolt out the starting blocks when they re-stock on their king sized beauties!).

So, finally (ok, I skipped a few!) I made my purchase from Soak & Sleep – the price was comfortable (just over £120 for all the bits I wanted), the reviewers seemed happy + I’m a sucker for a well branded company with a quirky name (they seem to have come from the same nouveau generic brands such as Loaf & Sofa.com). I opted for a clean + simple white duvet cover with a mixture of white + grey oxford pillow cases (I might just add a cheeky The Linen Works pink pair in there too at a later date!) + of course, on the parcel’s arrival, everything else was dropped + bed sheets were changed! They look the part (suitably muzzed + layered), the price was spot on, however, I’m going to have to do some intense washing to get them a little less scratchy! All in all, I’m rather happy, as is someone else…

Starring Marley the Beagle

Starring Marley the Beagle

Author: Jess Warner, The Only Girl in the House


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  1. November, 2014 / 10:50 pm

    I love this it looks hevenly xx merlinblu.com

  2. November, 2014 / 11:46 pm

    …I have been doing exactly the same ‘research’ into ‘stonewashed, real French Flax linen duvet sets’ !…and what a difference in prices eh?!

    Just sent an email to H&M as I can’t believe they are selling the same quality French linen as those suppliers at 3x the price or so..

    .I bought my goose down duvet and pillows recently from Soak and Sleep…but their choice of linen colours is limited and not stonewashed …but good price.

    I found a supplier who can supply whatever I want more or less…a bit pricey…www.linenshed.com

  3. Sharon mcleman
    March, 2018 / 6:21 pm

    Have 2 sets of linen duvet covers and have just ordered nr.3 from ‘ soak and sleep’. First set from ‘Ellos Home’ great quality but the grey is more beige than grey. Second set from a firm based in Lituania – ‘linenme.com’ bought in off-White. Gorgeous. Absolutly. Wanted a pale rose colour but theirs seems a bit too pink. Looking forward to ‘pale rose’ from ‘soak and sleep’😁 live in Denmark so great with international delivery👏👏

  4. May, 2022 / 6:22 am

    What a lovely idea! The way of designing the bedroom with bedding and linen just awesome. I Love it.