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What to Expect from The Only Girl in the House | Mission Statement

When I hit the very scary “publish” button for the first time two and a half years ago, I had the intention  of bringing stylish family interiors to the masses. But I found bringing my interiors day job into my hobby of writing like latching on a creative leech to the heart of my ju-ju – it sucked the life out of my writing. In addition, I was about to drop our boy number 5 into the world so my brain was addled with all the new amazing baby garb that had been invented/re-invented since 2008; we were living in a rather uninspiring, dark rented house – so taking swoonworthy interiors shots was like trying to catch the slippery soap in a lukewarm bath (impossible) and I found it piss easy to bemoan life with a brood of boys to anyone that would listen, whilst struggling for my next interiors post subject matter. Something had to change – and it did.

As I learnt and evolved as a blogger, so did my blog. I talked less about interiors and more about family life. But two and a half years on, the “plop him there amongst cute shit and take a photo” baby has turned into a “catch him if you can toddler” and we’ve finally moved back into our house after a mammoth extension build. So in short, as my readers, I wanted to let you know what you can expect from me, as until now, it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride whilst I learnt who I am as a blogger…

Family Life | Real Life Shiz

Trust me, I could still harp on all day about life with the 5 boys, being a step-mum, new mum, working mum et al. The fodder for these tales will never end!

mum of boys

Family Interiors | Insta-Wanker

My house isn’t always picture perfect, but every now and then I can scrape the crap out of shot and take a Pinterest-worthy shot. This might make me a bit of an “insta-wanker” throwing a styled, slightly over-exposed flat-lay/vignette into the pixellated mix; but amongst my make-up free selfies, filth covered kids and weekend football rants – it’s what I love. I’m not just putting up s-wanky pics for shits and giggles, my main aim is to give  useful info, tips and inspo on creating livable, stylish family homes – even if it is sprinkled with Fisher Price plastic. Rest assured, even the most zen, primped and curated pics will be accompanied by the potty-mouthed wordsmithery to which you’ve become accustomed!

Matalan Direct Sheepskin

The Mumdrobe

I’m a far cry from the fashwan bloggers strutting their stuff on the majestic and eerily clean streets of Belgravia, but sometimes, let’s say….. once a week(?) I manage to put an outfit together that is not only socially acceptable but worth sharing with the internet.

blue jumper and shorts

Behavioural Problems

Not mine; I’ll keep those to myself (and insta-stories)! This is a bit of a curve ball to the funny, light hearted family tomes and the interiors tit-bits – this one cuts deep, is raw, but it’s life. Whilst I didn’t initially set out to be one of those blogs about problems (and I still don’t plan to be) and this is far from a pity-part, I’ve found documenting our journey (for want of a better word) with Hugo (see HERE if you don’t have a Scooby what I’m on about!) not only helps me plot and map out the next steps, but YOU guys have soooo much to say on it too – in a good way. The comments of support have got me through low days, the suggestions of things to try are wonderfully endless which gives me hope something might work, the stories with eerily similar situations are encouraging to know we’re not alone – so, for now, although an odd one to chuck in every now and then, I’m sharing this parental struggle with you.

brothers laughing

Those #Ads

Yup, I’ll admit it, somewhere between all the blog posts you can’t wait to get stuck into you might find a stray, suspicious looking black-curly in your soup! Whilst this blogging malarkey is a hoot and I only set out to write, share things I’d found useful and create a community – it also takes up a lot of time. So every now and then I have to make that time pay – 5 boys don’t feed themselves, our fence won’t pay for itself and everyone LOVES a freebie!! Two things I promise, I will always be honest about a product/company/experience and I will only ever write about products/trips/companies that I would actually be interested in anyway.

Oreck review

So there you have it, what you can expect from me?! EVERYTHING. I know this doesn’t conform to the “just stick to one thing” ethos of blogging, but aren’t I supposed to be sharing my life and ALL that entails?

If you’re worried I’ve missed something, or think there’s something I should be doing more of – let me know!


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