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Playing Dress Up

I’ve spent a lot of time recently watching the eternally stylish and pure bonkers Iris Apfel in her bio-doc over on Netflix – yes, originally it was my idea to watch it whilst feeding bubs, but I soon realised he was mesmerised by her over-sized glasses and spectacular range of colourful outfits; she by far outdoes any purple dancing dinosaur or primary coloured nit-wits for entertaining a small human. It was on about the third run through I caught the lovely Iris say something so very true to my heart:

The Only Girl in the House Blog, Playing Dress Up Amara Blog Awards 2015 Outfit of the day OOTD Iris Apfel Quote Party Dress

This could not be truer. I love nothing more than planning an outfit – pouring over all my fave websites, compiling a Pinterest board, then the preening before the party, including getting the cat’s-eye liner spot-on to avoid my bong-eye being too obvious in photos – oh what fun! By the time I make it to the party I’m spent – that’s me done, I may as well head home as the excitement’s over (unless of course I get a few cocktails down my neck in double quick time then I’m up for the PARTY! Cue horrendous hangover and delegated childcare). So I’ve been in my element ever since getting the invitation through from The Amara Blog Awards to attend their tres swanky awards night in Landan! Of course I care about the party in this instance, but right now I’m in the planning stage (along with my fellow nominee Anna aka Don’t Cramp My Style – deliberating over jumpsuits!); now, I’ve wanted to justify a huge, black, tulle maxi skirt for a long time – but running to the aid of a bicky-peg covered 6 month old, whilst picking up skiddy pants from boys’ bedrooms is not conducive to this kind of Cinder’s get up. I now have my reason – the Oscars of the Interiors blog world, what a better excuse.

Also, little tip for any blogging events or awards: pick a statement item – be it a head band, slogan top, just something memorable – then announce on your blog what you’re wearing before the event or instagram a good ol’ flatlay. The reason being, amongst the sea of other fabulous peeps in that room, who no-one can really remember their blog names let alone their actual name (I’m Jess by the way), bloggers always seem to remember an outfit, it’s our THANG! EXAMPLE: I was amazed at how many people at this year’s Blogtacular came up to me, on recognising my bag from my blog/instagram, and actually said: “OMG, you’re The Only Girl!” I felt like a mini-celeb and everything! Blushing ensued!

So, here’s the plan…

The Only Girl in the House Blog, Playing Dress Up Amara Blog Awards 2015 Outfit of the day OOTD

Inpiration via Blonde Salad; Full Tulle Skirt; The Top; The Bag; The Head Gear & The Nails.

After all, as a woman that REALLY knows how to dress once said:

‘If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.’ Anna Wintour

Anna, my friend, the competition is good, so I’ll do my best on the outfit front!



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  1. October, 2015 / 3:21 pm

    This is absolutely amazing! You girl, are going to look absolutely stunning! I am secretly very jealous! This tulle skirt is going to be such a statement! I am still debating over my jumpsuit! I think with my pink hair I can be pretty safe of missing being un-noticed ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if I wish to hide! but.. I am going to buddy up with you and your skirt now haha