Mummy Shortcuts To Being a Domestic Goddess

One thing that seems lacking in the world of stay at home mums is the “well done” at the end of a long day – it’s a pretty thankless task. I find myself missing the office environment whereby if I achieved something, even small-scale, there’d be someone there with a nice pat on the back or even a bit of commission as a “brava, you go girl!”. Of course, comes the lifelong achievement of having hand-reared small humans into, hopefully, reasonable grown-ups – with the vague hope that one day (in a far-off, distant future) they might turn round and acknowledge that you did an “alright job” and they actually enjoyed their childhood.

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How to: Prepare for a Blogging Conference

So, tomorrow, this mama’s on her way to the big smoke! Yep, that’s right (with 3 months warning) I’m skipping off to London and leaving the alpha male in charge of all 5 boys!  I’ve… View Post

Let’s Talk About SEX! Post Baby Sex!

OK, so lets face it, getting frisky probably isn’t top of your priority list after giving birth! From your POV you’ve just squeezed (all be it a small) human being from within – possibly tearing or being cut in the process; whilst from your partner’s POV to quote Robbie Williams after witnessing the birth of his child: “It was like watching my favourite pub burn down!”.

But, once you’ve made it past the wincing at the very thought of anything ever venturing near your nether-regions ever again – it might be time to start thinking about reconnecting with your baby-daddy; after all, it’s how the glorious process started 9+ months ago, so in essence it would just be completing a full circle!

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Time to Fall in Love Again… Oh, + some Fab Printables

Wow, where did January just go? Between making resolutions (then breaking them!), starting back at work, kids back to school, midwife checks, blah, blah blah, where did the past 30-odd days disappear to?!?  Plus, I… View Post