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My Utility Room of Dreams | John Lewis AEG Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer #AD

One of the things I love about being a blogger is the weird and wonderful stuff that comes into my inbox; from offers of frozen kale reviews to can I make pet insurance an exciting content matter? (The answer was NO!) But sometimes, some brands just ‘get me’ – get my blog, my family and come up with a collaboration that’s so god damn on point even I recoil in amazement. When John Lewis asked if I’d like to try out their new AEG washing machine and tumble dryer, it was as if all my domestic dreams had come true! Needless to say, a family of 7 gets through a shiz load of washing and for anyone who follows my insta-stories, you will only be well aware of the drama it causes when one of my trusty washing steads fails me.

For a long time, as a family of 7, it’s been necessary to have two fridges, two lounges, two bathrooms (even two houses in the beginning) so it seemed almost a natural progression to upgrade my domestic goddess-ry to two washing machines and tumble dryers. I’ll be keeping my old work-horses (for now) as it seems a travesty to be loading the new shiny machines with muddy football boots and porridge encrusted pjs!

AEG Tumble Dryer Review

I’ve taken delivery of my AEG L9FEC966R washing machine and AEG T8DEC946R heat pump tumble dryer – the John Lewis appliance installation team were nothing short of frickin fabulous from finding a day that fitted around my stupidly hectic life, calling me 45 minutes before they arrived so I didn’t scare them with my make-up free morning-face (I even manged to brush my teeth in time!) and installed my two shining beasts in a flash. I was then treated to a quick tour of my new machines by the very knowledgeably chappy, who disconcertingly knew more about the functionality of the AEG machines than the 30-something mother standing aghast in front of him, thanks to his educational trip to the AEG factory.

AEG washing machine review

I’ll admit, I was a little wary of scuffing the newness for a day or two – so just kept stroking, staring and sharing on social media, but in that time, a healthy load of dirty garb found its way to our utility room (this is perhaps glamourised, as it is in fact the hallway outside the downstairs shower-room!). So, here’s the bit you really want to know – do I like them? Do I rate them?…

The bits I love…

  • A whopping 9kg load – I can get the washing done in no time now! Not only that but both the washing machine and tumble dryer gave all our duvets and pillows a long overdue clean and plump up effortlessly!
  • The softness – oh the softness!! I’m pretty sure this is down to two aspects of the washing machine’s design: 1) There’s a nifty “salt” dispenser, which you top up with normal dishwasher salt; perfect for hard water areas like the one I live in as this softens all the water. 2) The machine pre-dilutes any detergent and fabric conditioner (like a cordial with water) before getting to the drum and the clothes – so the liquid is evenly dispersed throughout the drum.
  • 20 minute wash – this is quite often a life saver for “Mum, I can’t find my [insert random, but vitally important piece of clothing]!” – which indicates it’s at the bottom of the washing basket. 20 minutes later we’re fresh as daisy and as most the boys clothes are polyester, it’s dry in 2 minutes as well!
  • Touch screen fanciness adds a bit of luxury to my daily washing experience.
  • Both machines are so quiet – I sometimes have to check I’ve turned them on!
  • If you’re buying the two together, to be stacked, the installation team supply you with a pretty swish stacking device, which also pulls out to be a “folding shelf”.
  • Massive 5 year warranty!

AEG Review

So, overall, if you’re after an upgrade on your appliances, have a tonne of family washing every day and want to look after your clothes well – I’d recommend this washing machine and tumble dryer. I’d also recommend John Lewis (we all know my love affair with them runs deep!) as not only are their prices competitive (never knowingly undersold) and they come with a luxury, two-man delivery service.

John Lewis amazing gave me the AEG washing machine and tumble dryer in exchange for this advertorial – but, as ever, all comments opinions are honest and my own.


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