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Where Did You Get That? | My Monochrome Must-Haves

It might be a beautiful picture of my cherub, I’ve captured a darling moment and captioned it with squishy, vaguely comical, words – but there’ll always be a couple of beady-eyed, interiors magpies commenting: “Random question, but where did you get your [insert monochrome home-ware of choice] from?”. Truth be told, I’ve done the same a thousand times over – sod that kid picking his nose front of frame, tell me where I can get THAT cushion!!! So, whilst a vast amount of the shiz filling up my home was salvaged from a car boot sale or eBay, here’s my most asked about home wares from our monochrome family home that you can actually get your hands on, plus some I’d love to throw into the mix!

monochrome must-haves

Margot the Jack Russell is not available to buy! Get the look: Basket, Warhol Print, Rattan Chair & Sheepskin.

Stendig Calendar

I felt I was really late to the Stendig Wall Calendar party, but luckily for my self-confidence, it seems there’s still people out there who haven’t pinned the life out of every Scandi-style home featuring this over-sized, black and white calendar. Every year, around September time retailers get their stash of the following year’s Stendig Calendars – that’s your cue to haul arse and nab one before they sell out!

I’d coveted the Stendig for so long, that when we were planning our extension, I knew exactly which wall it would go on, before it was even built!

Stendig Calendar

Get the look: Stendig Wall Calendar available from approx September, Black Candle Stick, Vase & candles from TK Maxx.

It can be a case of shopping around, if you have the time, as shipping can vary from free up to about £15 – but the standard price for the calendar itself is about £65. I got mine online from Cissy Wears – a conceptual haven for style craving mamas, founded by Nicola, a mum of 4 with a swoon-worthy instagram feed (warning – you will get sucked in to both the online store and instagram!).

Black & White Rug

Again, before our extension/house renovations had even begun I picked this rug out! I simply had to have it – it was black and white and bloody hard wearing. In fact, I love it so much, I wrote a WHOLE BLOG on it!!

After six months of battering in our “finished” home, I can still say it’s standing the test of time. It’s been in our kitchen sofa area, which doubles as a thoroughfare for filthy, dirt laden boys coming in from the garden – quite often wearing their football boots! It’s still looking fab! Check out My Rug Store for this beaut from £149.

black and white rug

Get the look: Black and White Rug, Rattan Chair, Sheepskin and smelly trainers are priceless!

Warhol Quote Print

I’m starting to feel like a broken record, but again, my Warhol black and white quote print was something I’d pinned (over on Pinterest) again and again and again way before our house was designed! The epitome of monochrome, scandi cool – I wanted in on this, perhaps over-done, but still pretty cool club!

Monochrome Print

Available from John Lewis right HERE!

Yes It’s Real

I get asked a lot if my pretty impressive prickly friend, who resides in my kitchen area. We’ve had him about 2 years and whilst he hasn’t really grown much in this time, he hasn’t died either – so every cloud! We bought/rescued him from Ikea and he now inhabits a Bloomingville ball basket – handy tip though, we have ours in a white painted basket – DON’T DO IT! I’m forever wiping up chippings of white paint that flake off with the basket’s every movement! Go for the natural one if you don’t want to give yourself extra work! Get it NEXT DAY BABY right HERE!

cactus greenery

Get the look: Cactus from Ikea, Basket, crystals from carboot sale, candle and sofa from Ebay!

So, that’s all the bits I’ve already got, what about the bits I’m coveting? I recently mentioned I’m a Wayfair Home Expert this year (yes, they’ve considered me an expert!), so I’ve spent a bit of time trawling their site spending all that money I don’t have! Needless to say, I’ve accumulated a bit of a wishlist! Here’s my current, scandi-style, family home picks that I’m hoping they’ll take pity and chuck my broke-ass way!

Children’s Beds Wall Accents

Canopy Bed

House beds are the epitome of Scandi-cool, giving your little one’s space not only a stylish touch but letting their imaginations run wild with the end play possibilities.

“Sleep less, dream more” Light Box Wall Lamp

I love this light box for grownups and kids rooms – a perfect way to add an ambient light and quirky, statement typography for a monochromatic or otherwise colourful scheme.

Kajaani Garden Chair

These uber stylish chairs are iconic, timeless and the sleekest of style statements for a modern, scandi cool home.

Artificial Plants & Trees Baskets & Boxes Shelves

Philo Tree

I love adding statement greenery to our monochrome home, but I’m not so great at keeping the real deal alive. Style with a natural basket for an on trend, relaxed look.

Do’s Handle Basket Set with Plastic Lining

These cool baskets are perfect for styling your house plants and greenery with a cool Scandi vibe – add a faux Philo or olive tree for a relaxed, swoon worthy look. The plastic lining means you don’t have to worry about staining or rotting.

Gridwall Shelf

I’m forever searching for the nick-knacks I’ve hidden from the kids – pens, scissors and screwdrivers, so with this super cool, modular wall shelf I can keep all the little bits safely out of their reach while maintaining a sense minimalist style.

NOTE: This post was not sponsored, although may contain affiliate links, but these are all things that have genuinely made my home a slightly more stylish place. Whilst I was gifted the rug, I already paid my dues with that one in the aforementioned sponsored post – this is just for the love of rug!!!


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