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My Melrose Mac | Mumdrobe Must-Have #1 with FatFace

It’s not often I whoop and holler in excitement at a brightly coloured object – partly because, as a toddler mum, they usually come with flashing lights and an incredibly irritating tune. But the moment I set eyes on my Melrose Mac at Fatface HQ it was love at first stroke.

As a mum of footballing boys, until this season, I’ve been remarkably ill equipped on the waterproofs front, so it’s no understatement to say my new canary hued friend has been a game changer. Layered with my Fatface starry scarf, chunky knit cardi, leggings, wellies and giant sunnies, for the first time ever I’ve not only looked socially acceptable at 9am on a Sunday morning, but I’ve been prepared for whatever our British trans-seasonal weather (read: crap weather) has thrown at me. The Melrose Mac covers those unpredictable in-betweener of days perfectly!

yellow rain coat

But to truly qualify as a mumdrobe must-have, the gift of water repellancy is simply not enough on it’s own. I require multi-tasking from my clobber,’cos let’s face it, no mama’s got the time, wardrobe space or energy for one-dimensional garms. My clothing needs to work as hard as I do when I need to get through a to-do list in toddler nap-time, and the Melrose Mac is certainly up there on the work-ethic scale. Not only does it keep me as dry as Auntie Joyce’s fanny (tmi over Christmas dinner one year!) but the kids can spot me a mile off (I’m yet to figure if this is a positive); it kept me toasty in a strong south-westerly 5-6er; and it has pocket capacity for my clunky giant iPhone, car keys and 9 options of dried fruit snacks for my continually ravenous brood, without having that weird bulging-pocket look like when I’ve tried to overfill my pockets with free toothpaste at the dentist.

melrose mac yellow

But here’s the part that really caught my attention and I just knew this bad boy was coming home with me… for as long as I can remember, every summer when we go out on our annual hunt for wet suits for our clan, all I hear from Mr OG is “has it got sealed seams?”, almost to the point I’m contemplating having this engraved on his tombstone. For him, the true sailor/kite surfer/sea lover that he is, sealed seams, on wet suits or any other item coming into contact with the elements, is an indication of a well thought out, high-quality and durable item.  So with it’s sealed seams and rivet details on the pockets, I was smitten.

Melrose Mac Fatface

The Melrose Mac is my perfect transitional, Winter – Spring – Summer and beyond coverall. I’ve sized up to a size 12 (usually an 8-10) so I can fit a gilet or cosy knit underneath for these chillier spring months still standing on the sidelines. And perhaps if my day brightening honey Melrose is a tonal step too far – it’s also available in a more mellow navy and a warming claret.

melrose mac fatface

I love working with Fatface and am lucky enough that they have kindly gifted me with my Melrose Mac – however, as ever, all opinions, rants and thoughts are my own!


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