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Grey Nursery Ideas

I’ll admit, I feel slightly bad that since birth our littlest man has not had the luxury of his own nursery. To start with, as a newborn, it was a must to have him as close as humanly possible in his co-sleeping cot. The chunky-monkey outgrew his co-sleeper at a rapid rate though and moved into his cot-bed but didn’t make the transition to his own domain, instead just to the end of our bed!

All is not lost though: with the realisation of our extension (see more on that here) towards the later part of this year the little man will be able to pleasantly enjoy his very own nursery. Whilst the last 11 months has been fun (as will the next 6 whilst the extension is being built and we have no option than to have him in with us) what were once little snuffles have turned into full blown murmurs and the size of Casper’s belongings are getting bigger! Plus, what a better excuse than to go on the hunt for the fabulousness that will be his first, and my last *sad face*, nursery.

This will be the third nursery I’ve decorated, as I constantly point out like a mama on repeat, back in 2006 with the first two bubbas’, the internet wasn’t as super-duper as it is today. I was lucky if I could find a single grey baby accessory at all, and chances were, if I did it would have a yellow or blue elephant/giraffe emblazoned on it! So, this time – I’m going to town!

The Only Girl in the House, Grey Nursery Ideas for baby bedroom in monochrome with grey baby furniture

Image credit: Pic 3. Farg Form; Pic 4. Velveteen Babies

I’ve managed to find a myriad of baby goodies in my fave grey and monochromatic schemes (no giraffes or elephants in sight) from blankets to rugs, duvet covers to typographic artwork, but I fruitlessly searched and scoured (read: googled the hell outta) for grey nursery furniture. If it wasn’t a baby keeping me up at night, it would have been my obsession with grey nursery furniture, and I don’t just mean a cot, I mean the whole shabang. Rest assured, this tale has a happy ending – I found my all grey set and then some. Funique rocked my world and unfortunately, threw up more options for nursery furniture than I was really hoping for. With a house full of boys furniture has to be well built, as they will find a way to destroy it  – so with safety standards coming out of their ears, wickedly cool designs from classic to Scandi-chic and a price tag that doesn’t make Mr Only Girl faint, ladies and gents, I have my nursery furniture champions! Even with their “Mr Only Girl Friendly” price point, each of their gorgeous nursery items is handmade in Europe using the highest quality materials – only the best for my little bean!

I might be jumping the gun, given that we’ve got a whole extension to build, but I just can’t help myself when it comes to creating a mood board and none come more fun than a nursery mood board – it’s the magical space where your wee one will play hard and dream big…

The Only Girl in the House, Grey Nursery Ideas for baby bedroom in monochrome with grey baby furniture

1. Velveteen Babies Garland 2. Daisy Cot Bed in Grey by Funique 3. “Charming” Armchair in Light Grey by Funique 4. Sleepy Grey Cushions from This Modern Life 5. Numero 74 Teepee in Grey 6. Daisy Chest of Drawers with Changing Table in Grey by Funique 7. Little Mushroom Lamp from This Modern Life 8. Fox Priny by Monty Tribe 9. Metal Trunks in Blue & Grey from Idyll Home 10. Felt Ball Rug in Grey from Sukhi Rugs



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