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How to Make Memories with Tesco Clubcard #Ad

After 6 weeks of summer holidays, the remnants of my sanity can be found somewhere at the end of July, my bank balance is about as healthy as a doctors waiting room and I used all my trump activity cards throughout August. But as much as I may have bemoaned the kids for 45.5 days (who’s counting?!) I secretly loved the lazy mornings, action packed days and memories that were made – so I’ve started to look to our football-free weekends this term as mini-adventures to be had to banish the post-summer holidays blues.

To make term time weekends count too, I’ve teamed up with Tesco to show you all the nifty ways you can use your amassed Clubcard points to create even more memories and banish the “I’m bored”s – which has never been easier thanks to their fancy new app (where you can check your points and spend your vouchers all in one place) and new contactless Clubcard; “A tap is all it takes!”- to save your parental sanity, pennies and run the risk of having some good ol’ family fun as well. Earning a point for every pound spent – you could be out the door, sans I-pads and Youtube, in no time!

tesco clubcard points

Sure, you could wait till Christmas and get 6 bottles of Prosecco for the price of 3 (this is not a verified deal, just one I’ve made up for my narrative!) – but your well-being needs saving right here and now. Plus, while the kids may mildly benefit from a more chilled-out mummy come Boxing Day thanks to aforementioned Prosecco – I can guarantee you the kids will enjoy these activities more than chilled-mummy (everyone knows stress-head mummy’s more fun to watch anyway!) and you’ll actually feel like you’ve achieved some wholesome parenting, the tales of which won’t make you cringe when they’re relayed to their new teacher.

Our Top 5 Tesco Clubcard Activities

The Zoo

summer holiday ideas

We recently visited ZSL Whipsnade Zoo with three of the boys; to say they loved it was an understatement. It was a full day out, with so much to see and do, they didn’t want to leave at 5:30! From the majestic elephants, chunky Rhinos and prowling lions to the steam train, free roaming peacocks and face painting – we genuinely had an awesome day out.

whipsnade zoo

For just over £17 worth of Clubcard points you can get a family ticket for a day at ZSL Whipsnade!!


I’m yet to find a child that doesn’t like Pizza Express and after six weeks of cooking 15 different meals a day, thanks to the fussy farts I’ve raised, a meal or two off dinner lady duties, and technically free thanks to my Clubcard points, is the least I deserve!

For every £2.50 worth of Clubcard points you get £10 worth of Pizza Express vouchers! That’s one Piccolo Menu and the best part of a glass of Prosecco for £2.50 worth of Clubcard points!!

Take a Break


Maybe a bit late to be heading off to the sun now (didn’t want to get a tan this year anyway!!), but we always love a Butlins Break (you can see our trip HERE). Enjoy unlimited swimming, entertainment and buffet food by trading in your Clubcard points. Perfect for a mid-term weekend break or day-trip.

tesco clubcard vouchers

Exchange £5 worth of Tesco Clubcard points for £15 of Butlins Vouchers.


But if you fancy a more refined, perhaps not so technicolour getaway why not head to your nearest Hilton Hotel for a sleepover without having to make the beds. Our fave is the lovely Avisford Park Arundel – only half an hour from home with heated indoor and outdoor pools is a haven away from home.

tesco contactless clubcard and app

Exchange £2.50 worth of Clubcard points for £7.50 of Hilton tokens.


After all that entertaining of the kids and as a reward for making it through the summer hols and back to school – why not spend just £16 worth of Clubcard points for a 12-month subscription to your fave mag? I’ll be cashing in for Elle Decoration and Living Etc to remind myself what a tidy/stylish house looks like prior to be ransacked by a bunch of herberts!

This post has been in collaboration with Tesco, but as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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