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To My Baby With His First Cold.

Dear my gorgeous, 5 month old, baby boy with his first cold,

I know you’ve been feeling pretty grotty these past 4 days and you’re probably wondering why your lovely, little, healthy world has turned upside down so that you can’t sleep, it hurts to eat and mummy’s cuddles have never felt so good. The nastiness you’ve started to feel is what we call a cold; there is no cure and the only answer we are given is: ride it out! I want you to know, as your mummy, I wish, so very much I could take all the awfulness you’re feeling right now away but rest assured it won’t last long.

The Only Girl in the House Blog, To my Baby with his first cold blog. Mother and babyWhen I see you struggling to catch your breath, the confusion as to why breathing has become so difficult, it breaks my heart – I wish I could fill your tiny lungs with fresh air.

When I see your eyes filled with tears, puffy and pink, it makes me want to cry – I wish I could soothe them with the coolest of all touches.

When I see you rubbing your face to rid yourself of the aching, it hurts my soul – I wish I could kiss the ache away.

When I feel your body burning up, it melts me – I wish I could cuddle the fever away.

These little germs, making their way round your little body, will most likely try to take over at least once a year, but you are strong my little soldier, and I know that each time you will fight off them off with your unwavering strength, your relentless smile and your beautiful energy.

The Only Girl in the House Blog, To my Baby with his first cold blog

You are my hero.

To tell you, it is ONLY a cold may seem a little mean, as to you, right now, it is consuming, but trust mummy when she tells you that you are a lucky one.

You are lucky that you simply have a cold and you are healthy enough to shake it off within a few days.

You are lucky to have a warm, safe home to help you feel comfortable whilst you overcome your first little hurdle.

And you are fortunate to have a family around you that love, adore and cherish you above all else.

So, let’s show this thing who’s boss! You can do it my little man! I’ll be with you every breath, every snuffle and every weary moment – together (with Calpol & Olbas Oil in hand) we’ll show that cold what you’re made of

All my love, always…

Mama xxx


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  1. Dawn Stevens
    September, 2015 / 7:28 am

    Jess I love reading your stuff – said so beautifully.

    • September, 2015 / 9:29 am

      Thanks Dawn- that means a lot! Have a super day x

  2. September, 2015 / 9:53 am

    My little five month has a cold also! Teared up reading this xxx

    • September, 2015 / 10:53 am

      Oh no, didn’t want to make you cry!! Hope you’re LO is better soon! x