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Back to School One-Stop-Shop with John Lewis

Now we’re nearly at the sumit an unsponsored, bare-footed Kilimanjaro climb, aka the summer holidays, I can feel the golden, hazy glow of back to school on the horizon. Banded around too early and “Back to School” can have the same Grinch-like affect as hearing “Last Christmas” in October – but at this stage, it not only offers parental relief, it can send me into cold sweats; with this mirage of hope, surely comes the dreaded trip to the concrete jungle of a shopping mall – the only place (until now) known to man to contain all required paraphernalia for that wonderful day on the calendar (yes, it might just be marked in red sharpie for added enthusiasm) “BACK TO SCHOOL”!

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But being the beacon of retail hope that they are, John Lewis have got it sorted – they’ve even compiled their very own “Back to School Checklist” – not that this frazzled, bleary eyed mother would forget anything – but c’mon, who ever remembers the lab-coat? And although they had me at “easy-iron” they went one step further with their market-leading school uniform with extra protection from spills, stains, blemishes and everyday filth that my boys seem to encounter!

Think you’re too late? Uh-Uh, with their Next Day delivery options, there’s still time to ensure your little ones go back to school with the highest quality school uniform, shoes and accessories without needing to make a last minute dash!

But while John Lewis have got the usual white polo shirts, grey shorts (‘cos the boys refuse to wear trousers) and more stationery than a pretty Pinterest board; they’ve gone that extra step to make my “Back to School” shop less sweaty-red-faced mummy in Crawley shopping mall shouting “any bloomin backpack will do” as I start to question all my life choices leading to that moment, and more – ah, I’ve got a cuppa let’s just do the back to school shop here at the breakfast bar and wait for Mr Postman! They’ve thought of everything including water bottles, name labels and the draw string PE bag.

John Lewis Backto School

But, if like us, the start of school isn’t just limited to the classroom – the after-school clubs commence along with the plethora of kit required – football boots, swim goggles and Cubs jumpers –  again, John Lewis have got it covered! In fact they’ve got just about everything – including this cheeky water bottle for mum too!

This post has been in collaboration with John Lewis, however as always all comments and opinions are my own!


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