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How to: Make a Rainy, Sick Day Better {Sponsored}

With NOW TV Kids’ Pass

NOW TV kids pass

It started on a murky, drizzly Wednesday morning in mid-January. The skies were grey, cosy Pjs were clad, Casper’s temperature was high and his nose was running an iron-man style marathon. He’d had a good night’s sleep, so while drowsy, he was still up for being entertained, toddler style! For a long time now we’d watched, re-watched and had the theme tune ear-worms of all the Casper friendly TV shows our subscriptions had to offer – and as pay day still loomed a couple of weeks away, buying my way out of what looked like another day of Paw Patrol series 1 bingeing wasn’t an option!

So, from the not too deep depths of my mama arsenal, not only did I pull the Calpol and Hobnobs (a winning combo on sick days!), I unleashed the kiddo entertainment fury of Sky’s NOW TV Kids’ Pass! At £2.99 for a month’s access, with no contract and sign-up only taking 3 minutes, it’s by far a better option to have an exciting plethora of new kids’ shows at your finger tips, than just one series on repeat for 3 times the price! Thanks to Mr OG’s mindless splurge last New Year, we have a rather fancy smart TV, so managed to download the app in seconds and were up and running quicker than Cas could suggest “ouch, tummy hurt, ‘ollipop make it better?!”.

NOW TV review

That very morning Milkshake TV had roused Cas’ interest with Nella The Princess Knight and for a desperate moment pre-Calpol perk-up, I’d considered the £8.99 for season 1 on another of our apps. But nine quid to help Cas forget “tummy hurt” is a bit steep –  I don’t care how ‘right on’ her ball gown wearing, dragon slaying is! NOW TV Kids’ Pass to the rescue – not only did we find Nella and a whole host of CBeebies, Milkshake and CBBC box sets,  we binged on some of the other ol’ faves: Paw Patrol, The Penguins of Madagascar and The Gruffalo.

NOW TV Kids Pass Review

Kids TV review

When the bigger boys got home from school, as usual, they hijacked the remote to watch the 6 live kids’ channels not available on Freeview – Nickelodeon, Boomerang and Cartoon Network being among them.

While we’ve been gifted a 3 month free-trial of the NOW TV Kids Pass, we’ve also (of our own free will!!) taken up the Sky Movies pass for £9.99. Every weekend when we have movie night, you can guarantee the film the kids want to watch is either only available to buy (£7.99) or rent (£4.59) – with the NOW TV Sky Movies pass there’s movies we all actually want to watch – all the Jurassic Parks we can feast our dino-ravaged eyes on and Mission Impossible; plus a whole host of Disney Pixar films that would otherwise cost a bomb on a rainy Sunday afternoon!

I’ll be honest, I was dubious of having yet another app on our TV to feed the entertainment hungry lions I’m rearing – but not only has the content of the NOW TV Kids’ Pass been gobbled up without complaint, the fact there’s not another direct debit going out keeps me (and my bank balance) happy!

NOW TV kids pass review

“Crap Mum” Disclaimer: Like with all the best things in life – chocolate, G&Ts and TV – balance is the answer. So rest assured, while the TV is most definitely my answer on sick days, rainy Sundays and during our down time, as tempting as it sometimes is to get all my inbox answered in one go, or just a quiet, warm cuppa – the TV is used responsibly!

Still unsure if NOW TV’s for you? Why not try their 14 Day Free Trial right HERE!

 This post has been sponsored by NOW TV, but as always, my comments, opinions and anecdotes are all my own.


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