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Interior Trend: Family Friendly Marble

I’m super lucky that as part of my “day job”, that’s when I’m not being a mum, girlfriend, cleaner…. I get sent off to fantastical interiors shows, jammed packed with inspiration, trends, creative bods, ideas etc – however, one thing that quite often strikes me is that not many of the wonders I lay my eyes on are for the family home.  Or maybe, that’s just at first glance?! I’ve come to the conclusion that there are family friendly, practical and beautiful items to be had, just not all on one stand and not in that particular context – after all, who would want to make a mother’s life easy right? It’s a bit like attending London Fashion Week and hoping to find something suitable for the school run – it’s about seeing what parts of the trend you like and making it work for your needs.

On a recent trip (yes, they very occasionally let me out!) I ventured to the mecca of interior and home designs for those in the know – London Design Festival (LDF); one week in the year, when the hip, hot and down-right cool of the interiors world descend upon our capital to see what the designers, makers, creators and artisans have to offer for the coming seasons. A trend that we’ve seen time and time again in recent years, and shows no sign of waning is… Marble. Whether it’s being paired with inky blues or blush pinks, copper or brass, this hard wearing material wants to make its way into our homes whether we like it or not. “Oh, but that’s not a kid friendly material” I hear you cry – oh, but it can be. I’m a firm believer in just because we have chosen to bring little humans into this world and into our homes, our style and surroundings needn’t be compromised – the more you instill a sense of respect for their home, the more the wee ones might pay attention when you say – “don’t kick that ball at my Jonathon Adler vase”, or so the theory goes!

The Only Girl in the House Blog Family Friendly Marble as at Decorex 2015

Some of the gorgeous goodies I spied at London Design Festival 2015

Why marble is marvelous…

  • It completes the scandi-chic look perfectly – minimalist, clean, fresh and bright – who doesn’t want a family home with this description? I know I’d just be happy with the second and third!
  • It adds a cool edge to otherwise girly blush pink (ooo, I do love a blush pink!).
  • It takes the gaudiness out of gold and other metallics.
  • Its wipe down and bloody hard to break.
  • It brightens dark, moody blues (another of my fave colours at the moment).
  • It injects some much needed texture into what can otherwise be a 2D palette.
  • Generally speaking, it’s a combo of my two fail safe colours – white and grey.

Marble may have been the reserve for gods, goddesses and the gentry in times gone by, but don’t let this put you off – it’s now easily accessible with high street brands jumping on the marble run – H&M, Next, John Lewis and Zara Home. So, without further ado, here’s some nifty little tricks you can turn to get your mits on the material du jour without needing to worry that a little one will slip and crack their head open on your shiny new marble bathroom floor…

If you’re still left wondering if you can bring yourself to leave your little babe around a somewhat hard and cold material, maybe this little delight might change your mind…


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  1. October, 2015 / 2:00 pm

    I am a big fan of marble and that marble baby throw is just adorable ๐Ÿ™‚ Pia x

    PS. I’ve found some really cool marble accessories in second hand/charity shops. Marble ages so well and is timeless!