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The Only Girl Guide #1 | A Load of {Good} Shit

It’s no secret that as a blogger and instagrammer I’m lucky enough to get sent a lot of shit (if you’re not down with the lingo by now, when I say shit it can mean good or bad, it just means stuff!); but as a human being, yes I’m one of them too – I also buy a whole loada stuff (shhh, don’t tell Mr OG)! So, in my ultimate wisdom and in a bid to give myself one more thing to do, I thought every now and then I’d sort the wheat from the chaff and give you a run-down of the top things we’ve loved, been gifted, bought, found or salvaged; giving credit where it’s due to great companies and people that have got their shit together, to make some really good shit!

So, this is the place to come if you saw me open a moisturiser on insta-stories and then wondered – hmmmm, did she like it once she slapped it on her boat-race or did those cute pj’s Casper got in the post wash well?

Wick Candle Boutique | Smells of Autumn


wick candle boutique

If you’re looking to fill your home with the scent of heady bonfires, crunchy leaves and old leather chairs – look no further than this olfactory emporium. My autumnal faves for giving the house a quick boost when I come in – Blackbird Incense pires in Lowena and Lola James Harper’s ‘Woody office of Daddy’ candle.

The Bright Company – #Batjyms


Bright Company Pjs

Casper is obsessed with Batman, so when I spotted these there was no doubt in my mind that while they might cause hysteria at bedtime, he’d bloomin love them – and I wasn’t wrong! They’re amazing quality, have washed well and are true to size.

Elemental Herbology


Elemental Herbology Skincare


I’m a huge fan of anything that smells herby and spa-like, so this lot of loveliness hits the spot. Faves have been the Facial Glow, I’ve used this twice so far (at weekly intervals) and my skin has felt soft and radiant afterwards; and Muscle Melt, perfect on Mr OG’s post football knee injury – he’d fidgeted all evening, but dozed off quite soon after application.

I’m not crazy about whacking cold sheets on my face so the Nutrition Infusion sheet masks might have worked, but the sensation wasn’t one I think of as relaxing.

B&Q Colours Premium Matt Black Paint


Matt Black bathroom paint

While Mr OG was away I got a bit busy with the black paint. After declaring I wanted to build a white, fresh, clean house – I got bored!! Maybe it’s the colder days bringing on the need to get cosy; maybe it’s that everything seems to “pop” more against darker colours or maybe I’m just fed up of seeing sticky little hand printseverywhere I go. Either way, I had a shed load of people asking which paint I’d used – so the answer’s above. I went for this one as it claims to be “scrubbable” and “our toughest, most versatile paint, EVER” – now that’s quite a claim B&Q. I love the matt-ness, it’s dirt cheap and obviously I like the ‘colour’, if we can call it that, but it still looks a bit patchy after 3 coats – so be prepared to roller away a few spare evenings.

In The Moment Magazine


In the Moment Magazine

I’m not usually one for wellbeing, relaxation, plant based food et al – mostly because I just don’t have the time – but my inner-hippy (and that constant voice demanding I sit down with a cuppa for 5 mins) loved every page of this monthly mag. Oh and did I mention my Green Sofa of Dreams features in this month’s?!

Mutha.Hood | Strong Girls Club


Mutha.hood Goods

It’s no secret that my love for Gemma runs deep, but until she was willing to come over to the dark side with her slogan tees I eered on the side of caution. The Mutha.Hood organic cotton tee is not only soft and a great fit (I went for a size small, I usuallyy wear an 8) it effing cool, and who in their right mind (with a vagina) wouldn’t want to be part of this rockin club?!

Alison Perry Podcast

I love Alison bringing a little bit of sunshine into my gloomy, grey morning commutes. With fab guests such as Gemma of Mutha.Hood (from above), Erica Davies and Anna aka Mother Pukka – it’s like sitting down for a chin-wag, with a warm cuppa in your own living room.

So, there you have it – my September faves. If you’ve seen me touting any other shit recently and want to know how we’ve got on, or can’t remember the name of a lippy I tried out once then lost in my bag – feel free to comment and I’ll do my best to remember!




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