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Even Monsters Sleep with The Great Little Trading Company

Lullaby Mattress Review

GLTC Lullaby Luxury Mattress Review

They’d long been the unmentioned, embarrassing and hidden away members of our family; neglected, covered up and forgotten about. But after our extension was complete and we’d all moved back in to our immaculate white walled rooms, I couldn’t take the shame under the fitted sheets any longer. Hugo and Bruno had had their knackered, Swedish super-store, grey (with various other colour markings!) mattresses for far longer than they should have, and at 9 and 10 had earned the trust to not piddle in their beds any longer – so began the hunt for quality mattresses to ensure those two monsters got the best nights sleep possible.

Monochrome kids room

I’m a firm believer in justifying any purchase, generally the latest Zara dress, in “cost per wear” terms – but this couldn’t be truer than mattresses. The amount of time I’d like the kids to spend in them (and I’d like to be in mine!) vs the cost, should mean that a quality, comfortable mattress is a must; a good mattress is one of the few things you should spend as much as you can afford and even more so for those reformed sleep-thieves, who seem to have come out the other side of their felonious ways fully rehabilitated.

I enlisted the help of the trusted, multi-award winning Great Little Trading Company when it came to the boys’ new mattresses. The GLTC may have streamlined their kids’ mattress collection over the last year, but they’ve kept quality at its core with all their older children’s mattresses being made in the UK and with a 10 year guarantee.

GLTC Lullaby Mattress

We chose the luxurious (especially by their predescors standards) Lullaby Mattress, Luxury; a supportive pocket sprung mattress, with breathable, natural material layers (wool and cotton) and deep (25cm) construction for added comfort.

Kids mattress review

The boys have given them a good test-drive (3 months) before offering their feedback of – “they’re soooooo comfy”, and I concur with their findings; everynight, when saying goodnight, I struggle to get back up – or should I say, I DON’T want to get back up! The Lullaby Mattress, Luxury, is pillowy soft while giving great support – it’s so good in fact, that I asked the GLTC team if they could make an adult sized one for me and Mr OG! If you’re after a mattress for your 7+ year old which will last them until you pack them off to uni (here’s hoping!) I honestly couldn’t recomend the GLTC Lullaby Mattress, Luxury, anymore!

kids mattress review

I’ve made my process of picking a mattress sound like a scoot through the park, but buying a mattress can be a minefield of options with words like open-coil, orthopeadic and hypoallergenic all flying around like scary little bed-bugs. So, here’s my cut-through-the-wadding glossary of keys words you’ll come accross when buying a kids mattress to help you buy the best for your sleeping lions:

Open Coil vs Pocket Springs

Open Coil (£): An all round great value option ideal for kids’ beds. Open coil mattresses tend to be slightly firmer than pocket-sprung; the springs move together, as one (usually hour-glass in shape all linked together with wire), so don’t offer the targeted support of pocket springs.

Pocket Springs (££): Each spring is encased in its own fabric pocket allowing them all to move independently – offering support where it’s needed. Pocket Sprung mattresses are more expensive than open-coil but tend to last longer, and in my opinion, are worth the extra bit of £.


The thicker the mattress the more materials within – standard kids’ mattresses (£) tend to come in at about 15cm, but more luxurious mattresses have a depth between 23-28cm (£££).

Quilting vs Tufting

A quilted mattress (£) has the upper most layers sticthed together,to create a flatter, smoother quilt look; tufting (££) ensures that all layers within the mattress are stitched together (then often finished with soft buttoning on the outer-side of the mattress).

If you’re unsure of which mattress might be best for your little one – get in touch with The Great Little Trading Company – they know they’re stuff!

This post was in collaboration with The Great Little Trading Company, who kindly gifted us our Lullaby Mattresses, Luxury – but as always, all opinions and comments are my own.



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