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Extension Update | Hexagon Tile Trend

We’re getting to that dizzying point in our mammoth extension build where the fun starts – I get to pick out the finishing touches. No longer am I being bugged by builders about supporting walls, first fix plumbing and suspended floor options – instead, I’m losing hours to Pinterest to ensure bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even windows hit the interior’s nail on the head.

As a mum to so many boys, one of the only places I find solace, peace and privacy is the bathroom. Need a 10 minute re-group after a fraught dinner time or a 5 minute breather from a relentlessly tantrumming toddler? Excuse yourself and leg-it to the bathroom, lock that door and soak up the calm. (I generally ensure there’s another adult in charge prior to the above!) With this in mind, my sanctuary needs to be a space I retreat to without the thought of “Eugh, I hate those tiles!” – nothing’s worse than trying to regain your inner buddha whilst being distracted by a regrettable interiors decision made in haste.

hexagon tile trend

After trawling the internet for classic, lasting tile trends I came across my new obsession – hexagon tiles. They sate my desire for being a little off the beaten track whilst sticking to the simplicity of Scandi-style design. Big or small,  gloss or matte, floor or wall, the six sided beauties have been simmering quietly under the interiors trend surface for a few years – finally making it mainstream in 2016. I’ll be opting for a small, white, gloss hexagon tile on both the floors and walls with a dark grey grout for a geometric vibe. To paint the full picture – imagine those little hexagon nuggets as the backdrop to my all-white shower room with modern, counter-top sink and black shower, taps and heated towel rail.

white hexagon tiles

But whilst my love lies purely in monochromatic schemes, for those who want to jump aboard the hexagon tile steam train, there’s not only a myriad of wondrous colours to brighten a kitchen splash-back or downstairs loo, there’s a plethora of awesome patterns from classical Victorian through to mystical Arabian prints perfect for a hallway in need of life or a bohemian styled kitchen with a homely atmosphere.

If you dare take a peek inside my head as to what I’m envisaging for our much anticipated extension and hopefully glean some inspiration, head over to my dedicated Pinterest board for Scandi-chic family interiors…


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