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Even More Stranger Things + Top 3 Picks #NetflixStreamTeam

I’m that irritating person, who come Christmas and birthdays waits until 9pm to finally open their presents – it’s all about the anticipation; maybe that’s why I also have a penchant for online shopping – shop, pay – then spend days waiting eagerly! So, when Netflix announced the second season of Stranger Things was to be released on the 27th of October my waiting game was on!

Netflix stream team stranger things 2

But we’re now on the 28th, and I’m still holding out – others may well be sharing the opinions on the latest offering from the super retro, incredibly cool gang from Hawkins, Indiana – but I’m just wanting to keep this Demogorgan of excitement inside for just a little bit longer! So, when Netflix themselves, yes, the divine team who have made anticipatory binge watching possible, sent over a box of goodies to get my Stranger Things-athon on  its way, I decided it might just be time! Tonight is the night that Mr OG and I, take ourselves back to Hawkins and the wonderful nostalgia of the 80s.

But what else is keeping us busy on Netflix this autumn? Here’s some inspo for those who might be time challenged thanks to small people wanting to just hop straight on the box and get involved…


If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the Summer’s hottest Netflix original, now’s the time! A gripping and potential lethal comedy of error plays out in this crime thriller. It kept me happy with the realistic family dynamics and subtle wit, while Mr OG filled his Mafioso boots with drugs, guns and cartels.

Line of Duty

We were pretty late to this BBC police drama party, but thanks to Netflix we caught up (read: binged) like madmen on series 1-3 in a week! Gripping British drama at its best. With mystery and intelligence to keep me intrigued; with corruption and fast paced drama to keep Mr OG enthralled.

The Crown

Yes, yes, yes – it’s coming back! Season 2 of this gloriously regal Netflix original will hit out pads and screens on December 8th (I like to think of it as a day early birthday pressie – thanks Netflix!). Be sure to watch season 1 in preparation! What’s not to love – royals, sex, politics and scandal?!?

So, in case you hadn’t guessed yet – we’re now part of the Netflix Stream Team – bringing you lovely lot our picks and recommendations from our favourite streaming channel.

Got any suggestions? What do you love over on Netflix? Leave a comment!






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  1. October, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    I really loved 13 Reasons Why. Teenage drama, but superb teenage drama. I want more!