Ba-humbug to Baby’s First Christmas: Gift List

At the risk of coming across like the Grinch pissing on Santa’s parade, I’m going to admit I’m not a huge fan of going overboard for a little one’s first Christmas (each to their own though!). This has good and bad points for Casper: on the plus side – he will not be sporting a green and red, elf onsie, neither will he be found supping on Grandma’s xmas roast given the mini-blender treatment; on the downside, my poor little Tiny Tim will not be inundated with so presents he doesn’t know which one to bang/throw/dribble on first. Maybe I’m just incredibly cynical after a couple of 1st xmases, but new parents, I hate to put your cinnamon and clove scented candle out but your bubs will undoubtedly give a glassy eyed clueless look for a large portion of the day and, although a cliche – they WILL genuinely enjoy the box and packaging so much more!

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Monday Must-Haves; The Mama Comfy Kit

Why is it, the less fundage you have (thanks maternity leave) the more things you could buy? I’m a glutton for punishment though, I go looking for this shit and even when I don’t, it gets hurled into my inbox in gorgeously designed email blasts from all over the world! So, as a little bit of self-therapy, to feel as though I’ve owned the loveliness for a few moments by handling it in a collage (see below) and in the hope that one day, when we win the lottery, I’ll be able to filter through all these posts and purchase each bit of gorgeousness – every other Monday I’ll bring you the noteworthy wonders I’ve discovered on my internet travels; it might be completely self-indulgent (comme ca), it might the little must-haves for small people or it could be the interiors treasures I’d love to have in the newly renovated house once complete.

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Lust List

This week I’ve felt like a magpie, with everything catching my eye – whether it’s this “come to bed” bed linen or this fabulous “sit down with a huge pot of tea on a Sunday”… View Post