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Monday Must-Haves; The Mama Comfy Kit

Why is it, the less fundage you have (thanks maternity leave) the more things you could buy? I’m a glutton for punishment though, I go looking for this shit and even when I don’t, it gets hurled into my inbox in gorgeously designed email blasts from all over the world! So, as a little bit of self-therapy, to feel as though I’ve owned the loveliness for a few moments by handling it in a collage (see below) and in the hope that one day, when we win the lottery, I’ll be able to filter through all these posts and purchase each bit of gorgeousness – every other Monday I’ll bring you the noteworthy wonders I’ve discovered on my internet travels; it might be completely self-indulgent (comme ca), it might the little must-haves for small people or it could be the interiors treasures I’d love to have in the newly renovated house once complete.

I could write War and Peace on the items I covet each week, but as time is limited on a Monday morning – it’s touch and go whether I’ll manage mascara for work today, I’ll keep it brief and pretty visual. As it’s pretty nippy out there today and I’m batting for #TeamNoSleep today I’m craving chunky knits, cashmere and comfort, so here’s my vital mama comfy kit…

Monday Must Haves Part 1 Mama Comfy Kit ideal for a cold winter or autumn day after no sleep. OOTD WIWN. Think chunky knits, cashmere and comfort from this outfit. Grey scarf, I love mr mittens white chunky cardigan, hey jo black luxury leggings, shinola rose gold watch, new balance black trainers, Tiba + Marl black leather change bag.

1. Grey Cashmere Scarf, I always pick a big fat scarf over wearing a coat: snuggle factor – check, arms freely available for all mum jobs – check; it’s a win win!

 2. Chunky Knit Cardi – this is a serious lust list item! I know Zara & French Connection have much cheaper ones, but this hand knitted beauty from the other side of the globe is just frickin’ amazing!

3. Luxury Black Leggings, I am in no way condoning leggings as trousers! No way Jose! But somedays are just a little too jaded to actually manage real trousers and leggings with a comfy tee and a cardi that covers your bum are the right choice, although try to limit public appearances on said days.

4. Rose Gold Watch, Mr Only Girl wowed me with this one for my 30th last year and whilst I’m still not the most punctual person, it helps me get the kids to and from school roughly on time!

5. Change Bag – seriously swooning over these uber cool not-change-bag change bags.

6. Trainers, how does any mum function without a pair of black trainers these days, I even wear these to formal events!

So here’s to a fabulous half term week…

May your tea be hot and your eyeliner be even!

(…brava if you even got round to putting eyeliner on!)



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