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Our Year With Huggies Wipes

Mid 2016, a very excited Casper and I announced our Huggies Wipes Ambassadorship in one of our first ever vlogs. I’ll admit, I was dubious when Huggies told me their focus was bonding with baby and creating special moments with wipes! Like many, my first thoughts of baby wipes tend to land firmly in the clearing up mess camp – be it change time, lazy/knackered mum make-up removal, spill clearance and general disaster avoidance; but the crew over at Huggies convinced me there’s more to their wipes, and ultimately change time, than the rate at which they can shift a sticky, post-porridge explosion.

Huggies wipes review

Since then, for want of a less cliché word, Huggies have taken us on an exploratory, mother and baby bonding journey. We’ve worked with both Huggies Pure Wipes and more recently their Newborn Wipes, gleaning endless tips and tricks from their in-house bonding experts like queen of calm Gayle Berry, baby massage and yoga guru, and the woman I would want at the tail-end of my nativities – mid-wife and birthing goddess, Natalie Lee. Here’s just some of the awesome things I’ve learnt in the past few months working with Huggies Wipes…

  • Huggies have helped me to reconsider what would otherwise be a stressful, relatively unenjoyable time with a screaming, kicking toddler – by simply remaining calm, making eye contact and even singing a song, change time doesn’t need to be something that gets thrust between parents like a stinky game of pass the parcel.
  • Through my latest vlog, chatting all things newborn with my bestie, it made me realise they’re little for such a short amount of time. It can feel like an eternity when you’re sleep deprived, un-showered and your boobs are like hot-rocks, but, before you know it, you’ll be standing in the deodorant aisle with them discussing why you think it’s a necessity, not only for their social acceptance but your washing pile (true story).
  •  In those early days, it’s vital to use all those people offering to help – get them loading the dishwasher, cooking dinner, getting the shopping in etc. so you can spend time doing nothing but starring into your new bundle’s eyes and sniffing their wispy hair.
  • Also, whilst chatting all newborn goodness, Huggies helped me think outside the box -skin to skin contact is like bonding elixir – but post-birth or breastfeeding isn’t always possible. Baby massage, baby yoga, change time and plenty of cuddles are a perfect way to cram in skin to skin time too.

A huge thanks to Huggies for working with me and changing my sceptical views on baby change time. Although this post is sponsored, all views, comments and experiences are very much my own.


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