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Summer Holiday Wardrobe With Fat Face #Ad

It’s at this time of year, with 5 more weeks of school holidays ahead of me that I start to assess how woefully ill-equipped I am for the parental mountain ascent that lay before me. My fridge stores are taking a battering, my sanity is being tested and my patience road-tripped to its outer most boundaries in a shabby, floorless tuk-tuk. But one thing’s for sure, while I slowly tear my hair out and thank the child-rearing gods that we’re all still alive at the end of each day, I’ll be suitably, and hopefully stylishly, dressed for my mission! It’s no secret that my love for Fat Face runs deep, so I teamed up with them to ensure my clothes were the least of my worries from morning through til night this summer hols.

Lazy Mornings

The Dream…

dress like a mum

As the din of Milkshake TV takes hold of my senses at 6.30am, the only light relief I can rely on are cosy Pjs and a warm cuppa. Earlier in the year I got this snuggly loungewear top – when this baby is freshly washed, I literally cannot wait to cosy on in, it is so soft! I’ve paired it with the new stripe classic lounge pants in mint green, which also rate highly on the buttery soft scale; but aren’t too heavy for the warmer mornings, so there’s no risk of getting a sweat on before the day’s even begun!

The Reality

Fat Face Pjs

fat face outfit

Park Life

If I’ve learnt anything over the past 10 years as a mum of boys it’s ‘get them out’! When you’ve broken up the 7th fight of the morning, cleared the sofa-fort away and can’t take anymore popcorn/Lego underfoot, it’s knacker-them-out time.

fat face 2017

fat face review 2017

mum of boys

As soon as I spotted these limited edition, hand painted denim cut-offs I knew I had to have them, but I didn’t anticipate how comfy they’d be as well. They fit true to size (I’m a size 8) and cover all the bits needed for jiggling after a toddler on a scooter, unlike many high street Daisy Dukes (you can thank Daisy’s pert derrier for that!). I pop on a basic linen blend Luna tee or classic mum uniform, breton stripe tee, and always carry my zip-through grey hoodie. On a side note, are you even aware of the hundreds of uses for a zip-up hoodie (apart from the obvious!)???

Fat Face hoodie review

To wrap a toddler up when they’ve face planted the park’s splash-pad.

A change mat when there’s no change area in sight.

A blanket when the little one needs a nap.

the only girl in the house

Then, for the running part of my mission, I just vary between trainers or Saltwaters dependent on the weather.

mum of sons

Date Night

Ok, so during the summer holidays this may well mean a pub garden while the kids run riot, high on J2O and fresh air, but the least I can do (for myself more than anyone else) is put on a fresh dress for the monumental occasion when we all head out for the evening and I don’t have to cook.

date night outfit

Dress like a dad

Get Mr OG’s Look: Get yourself a taller GF wearing heels; stand on tippy-toes and wear Alyfe Slim Tapered Jeans & Harrison Gingham Shirt.

By this time of the day I have little energy left to put more than one garment on, so it’s always a dress. The Suki embroidered dress is the epitome of Summer dress for me – perfect for work with these gorgeous plimsoles or with heels for a more “oooo, where you going mum?” look!

dress like parents

As always, Mr OG slips effortlessly from day to night in his casual staple of jeans and a shirt. As a side note, this dude lives in chinos for work (he’s a yacht broker, so hanging out at Marinas lends itself to a comfy pair of chinos) and swears by Fat Face’s Portland Chinos.

My Fat Face Summer Wardrobe

Stripe Classic Lounge Pants Size 10

Painted Denim Shorts Size 8

Darcey Three Quarter Length Stripe Tee in Phantom Size 8

Luna Linen Tee Shirt (in grey and white) Size 10, as I like a loose fit

Jo Sunglasses in Green

Club Zip-Through Grey Marl Hoodie Size 12

Suki Embroidered Shirt Dress Size 8

This post was sponsored by Fat Face, but as always all opinions are my own and I genuinely wear all these clothes!


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