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Monday Must-Haves: Smellies for A Christmas Stocking

I’ll keep it short and sweet today, as not only is it a Monday morning and caffeine is calling – but we’ve all got Christmas shopping, ahem, I mean work to do, so I’ll get to the point…

There was a time, circa 1995, that getting “smellies” for birthday and Christmas presents was about as crap as it could get – it usually meant a satsuma scented, animal shaped BodyShop soap stuffed basket, topped up with a lot of straw to make it look even more full of shit than it really was. Oh how times have changed (as long as there’s no Sanctuary gift box in sight) if someone were to present me with any of the following “smellies” at anytime of year I’d be bloody chuffed; if they could also throw in a voucher offering 2-3 hours of child free time to indulge in the loveliness, then even better – but that’d just be asking a bit much methinks!

So, if you’re stuck as to what to get the mother-in-law, sister, bestie (boys if you’re reading – then your mum/wife!) or even yourself, feast your eyes on these gorgeous goodies…

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  1. If ever I’d been sold on packaging this was well and truly it! My Instagram feed had been awash with dreamy images, of beautiful Scandi-styled home with one thing just casually strewn on the side saying “check me out with my cool packaging, aren’t I hip and desirable! Come get me!”!! I googled away at what i thought were the combination of letters printed on this must-have tube starting at me, to no avail. Until one night (2:47am to be exact) mid Casper feed, there it was, looking back at me from Instagram face on – I could finally see it, full frontal, the 6 magical letters which had alluded me for weeks… K I Y O K O . I finally found it amidst other dreamy stuff over on Violet & Percy and my lips have been whispering with appreciation ever since! I’m a sucker for whacking the heating up high, so this little silver tube of goodness has seriously saved my pout this Winter! A super little stocking filler at only £11.50 – a stylish mama would really appreciate this one! 

  2. The next thing that always goes to pot in this cold weather  are my hands! So grab a tube of the iconic Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm for instant soothing whilst feeling like you’ve momentarily been transported to a spa!

  3. If I could slather some of this loveliness on my dry face for the next 365, I’d be a very happy mummy

  4. Now here’s a perfume that even the boys notice…. when first put this on I was asked: “Are you having a bath cos something smells yummy!” and “Oooo, something smells nice – have you cleaned?!”. Oh, the words of babes! Even Mr Only Girl was impressed with the fresh scent – seriously uplifting which makes it perfect for #teamnosleep.

  5. I came across the gorgeousness that is Darley Avenue only this weekend – what a pleasant relief it was! Finally a gift box I would a) be proud of giving and b) actually want to receive myself! There’s something for every stylish person in your life!

  6. Sexy Packaging – Check. Gorgeous scent – check. Scrubs away a crap day – check! What more could you want than this goddess of a body polish.

  7. If you’ve ever entered Anthropologie and thought- hmmmm, what’s that smell?! THIS is it! Enjoy!

  8. Perfectly packaged goodness, made to overcome the smell of boys! Who doesn’t love receiving a super cool candle?


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